Friday, November 09, 2012

Up To

Watching: Elementary. I find this completely delightful. Not quite as good or intense as the Cumberbatch (BBC) Holmes, but Johnny Lee Miller floats my boat. And I like the way they've modernized it without being so interested in modern technology. (I think the BBC version is a bit  obsessed with mobile phones and email and blogging.)

Reading: The Eyre Affair, which is delightful. It's funny and clever. I want to keep reading it, but at the same time, I want it to last longer than it will. I'll finish it soon. Even more, I want the dude to read it so we can talk about it together. 

Eating: Hearty "stoups" from Rachael Ray--Fish and Chorizo, Swedish Meat Dumpling, Sweet Pea. I just love her 365: No Repeats.  Every once in a while I try a new one but there are plenty of favorites that we return to. The best part is that she creates very flavorful food and enough to feed the dude. Mind you, I can't bare to watch her show.

Anticipating: My Stampin' Up! order. I'll be able to work on my Christmas cards and my thank you notes for the library ladies. (We were boring today. I talked to a lady who gardens, and we talked plants. I think I took five stitches.)

Buying: Christmas Pressies! Last year I bought them all. This year I decided to go back to making, but only some. (Moderation, what a novel concept!) I bought one of my grandmothers three movies: Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, Calendar Girls, and It Happened One Night. I'm going to package them with popcorn and Sour Patch Kids. I'm hoping I can get a big popcorn container to make it even cuter.

I bought my nephew the Dr. Who Monopoly. He loves Monopoly (and I keep buying him new editions) and the doctor. I did get permission from a parent before I added to the collection.


Hazel said...

Nice to hear what you are up to. My life consists of work work work at the minute. Yay for the weekend! X

Coral said...

I love your Grannie's present idea!!

But most of all, how do you fancy buying him South African monopoly? We can arrange this next year if you fancy for his b-day.

Margaret said...

I have yet to watch either the Benedict Cumberbatch or the Elementary Sherlock Holmes series. I have to do that -- both sound interesting. Looooove the series that goes with The Eyre Affair!!! In fact, I love Jasper Fforde in general. He's so much fun! I've since stopped reading the series, but want to start from the beginning again. I think the Thursday Next series is his best.

Colleen said...

I enjoy both the BBC Sherlock and Elementary - they're different takes on the Sherlock Holmes story. Strangely enough I have the Eyre Affair waiting to be picked up at the library on reserve. I'll do that today, and hopefully make some progress on BBD "Christmas Garden", or swith it up with a smaller project for a bit. Your Christmas gifts are very thoughtful.

Deb said...

I just watched Elementary for the first time the other night and really enjoyed. DH did too which I'm happy about - maybe we can get off all that NCIS and Criminal mind sh*t. Will have to check in the The Eyre Affair - am tgrying to find a good book. And I'm a Rachel Raye fan too - but only the books - not watching her in person. She gets on my good nerve.

Jennifer said...

Well damn it now I'm going to have to check out Elementary. I've been trying to avoid it, but let's face it - I'll watch just about anything with Lucy Liu.

Needle Nicely said...

And I just want to be on your Christmas gift list because you seem to select really appropriate, thoughtful gifts. Lucky recipients!40

A said...

ohhh lucky you to discover Jasper Fforde don't worry you have 6 more in the series of tuesday and I highly recommend "shades of grey" (nothing to do with that thing they pretend to be a book)it's pure genius again.
And the nursery crime series is pretty awesome too.

Ok I sound weird don't I (well might be because I am :-p)