Sunday, November 04, 2012

Sunday, Sunday

Traditionally, on NaBloPoMo Sundays I do some kind of book meme. This time I brilliantly thought I should go to my bookshelf and pick a random craft book to review. But I was in a stupor all day and now that I am back from Sunday dinner at Sissy's I'm not feeling too well. (This is my own problem rather than any fault of her cooking. She's an indifferent cook, but she can do well when she tries. And she shines when it's her turn for Sunday dinners. But I digress.)

So I went scouting for a meme to answer. I tried to make it about books, but it just wasn't working. Not that I couldn't find them--I found billions--but I just couldn't summon the brain power.

Unconscious Mutterings has a Free Association meme. I'm afraid that's all you get tonight.
  1. Throne :: toilet
  2. Adorable :: toddlers
  3. Corner :: city blocks
  4. Others :: I know who you think they are.
  5. Chilling :: Stephen King
  6. Spied :: discovered
  7. Limitless :: this is one of those words I hate, like "humbled" (people definitely don't know what that means) or "blessings." I think it's overused and therefore rather devoid of meaning.
  8. Passion :: Eh, it's not the only fruit.
  9. Hugely :: What are we, illiterate?
  10. Devious :: thoughtful


Adrienne Martini said...

#9 made me actually LOL.

Robin said...

Thanks! I did what you said to change the date stamp on my post. Thanks so much. Love learning new tricks.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Just played this with my son, number 1 throne - his answer - caught!