Thursday, May 24, 2012

Things will Pick Up Soon

When I last blogged, my parents were leaving Florida for their annual trek up to Maine. Well, they're here! They stay with Sissy, which is good and bad. Last night, we drove two hours round trip to have dinner with them (that's the bad). Tomorrow, I am taking them to Longwood Gardens. The good thing about gardens is that they change from week to week. I'm sure I'll see something I didn't get to see two weeks ago when I was there. Saturday, they are off to Massachusetts for a Memorial Day wedding.

But will I get a chance to sit and stitch? Noooooo. Sissy and Jersey are moving to Pennsylvania. And guess who gets to help? It's not like they are even going to be any closer. But they will have a pool, which is a pretty good perk. Especially since it promises to be hot and humid for the move. Lucky me, I don't have to go to New Jersey to schlep furniture. Sissy wants me to help clean. LOLOLOLOLOLOL. Seriously? Who looks and me (and my kitchen) and says, I bet she could help me clean. On Sunday I'll be pruning the lilac (a month late) and the rhododendron (only a couple weeks late) and putting up the window boxes. And then on Monday, we shall rest. Or grill. Or remember. Or something.


Daffycat said...

ROFLMAO Have a great weekend, Nikki!

PS Better wear rubber gloves if you can't convince these people of your cleaning ineptitude. Don't wanna chap your hands and not be able to stitch!

Jennifer said...

Ohhh, a pool! Pools are good. I tried and tried to talk my husband into buying a house with a pool. He said no. Damn it. Good luck with the move!

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Family! Honestly. What they expect from us!

You're supposed to prune lilacs???? No wonder mine looks like crap.

Lelia said...

Enjoy your visiting parents - and enjoy your week-end. I'd skip the chores and "rest. Or grill." Better yet, have your dude grill.

Stitch well

Deb said...

Oh gosh, family and holidays or family in general. I could write a book on my husband's disfunctional family.

Sorry about the no stitching, but hopefully that will pick up again soon. And I knew lilacs need to be trimmed but tell that to my neighbor whose bush falls into our yard. He always trims it at the wrong time and I want to choke him. I tried doing it one year when we first moved in and he came out screaming at me like a hellcat. Welcome to the neighborhood!

Charlene ♥ SC said...

Maybe while you're grilling and remembering you can stitch a thread or two?