Monday, April 30, 2012

April Showers; May Flowers

Today my parents have been married for 46 years. Inertia? Love? Who can tell?

I also dropped a glass bottle of juice onto my foot when I was putting it into my grocery cart. I was telling the dude about it: "I told the stock boy that if there was a way to hurt myself..." "You have a special talent for finding ways to hurt yourself," the dude finished. {Sigh.} The good news is that I didn't break the juice bottle. The bad news is weight bearing isn't going so well with the foot.

Thank you for all your comments lately. Questions were raised regarding how I find out about this dirty cross-stitch stuff. I read widely among the craft blogs, and I have google set up to alert me to stories about cross-stitch. Nothing untoward at all.

So here we are at the end of another month. April's plans included:
  1. See a movie--well, we watched the DVD of Iron Man the other day. Our neighbor lent it to us when he heard we hand't seen it. That was like six months ago...But we really hoped to go to the movies to see things before they came out on DVD. 
  2. Read two books--Wickett's Remedy by the ever intriguing Myla Goldberg. The Sherlockian, Graham Moore
  3. Finish  That Dern Parrot--I didn't even pick this up.
  4. Work on Star Ligh Star Bright--I love working on this. I might have to keep at it until I'm done!

I am getting even less done than I had predicted. This month, my MIL is here for the first two weeks, and my parents will be with us for a few days sometime after that. Still, I'll persist:
  1. See a movie
  2. Read two books
  3. Work on Star Ligh Star Bright
  4. 10 hours on another project


doris said...

Congratulations to your folks. Man, that's a long time.

Owie ... feel better and no dancing.

Whatever you do, don't go see The Three Stooges (I ttrust that you won't). I'll tell you the funny parts if you want. There were three.

Beth said...

I've noticed that I'm far clumsier now that I'm older than I was in my 30s. I also appear to be unable to eat a meal - at home or in a restaurant - without spilling a food item on my clothing. Good luck with your goals - remember, it is supposed to be fun!

riona said...

"Love? Inertia?" Ouch!!! Not a very romantic outlook! But truth be told, as someone who has been married 41 years, I'd say it's probably been a bit of both, just at different times. Sometimes, inertia gets you over a hump by simply outlasting the problem. The occasional benign neglect as a relationship tool ... who would've thought?

As to your goals, I love your realism ... I could use a dose of that myself. Even my retrenched goals for May are probably beyond my available time/attention spans.

Nina said...

I have been reading your blog for some time, and do enjoy it.
I was wondering how your found all the different stitchy things on the internet - you've just answered my question. Thanks!
Please keep us informed on what's out there. And, of course, what you're up to.... I do enjoy that (nice to know I'm not the only klutz!).
Thanks again!

barbara said...

My vote is for inertia, romantic that I am. :P

I hope your foot feels better soon.

Thoeria said...

Congrats to the folks ... amazing how they manage 46 years and these days some can barely manage 46 days!
Clumsiness is a sign of a genius at work .... or so I keep telling myself :-D

Veronica said...

Happy Anniversary to your parents!

Ouch! Though I must say, that sounds familiar. I'm well known among my friends for being a klutz. I'm used to finding bruises on my body which I can't remember where or when I've bumped into things. LOL!


Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

Once you've been married that long, it's too much effort to train a new spouse!
There's also the added bonus of some decent anniversaries to celebrate, Gold, Diamond, Platinum, Spending the Kids' Inheritance etc.