Friday, March 09, 2012

Matchbook 20

People, it is worse than I feared. The print edition of the newspaper with the library stitching article has a photo of my fat face on the front page. I'm wearing my cheaters in addition to my cozy sweater. Ack! So much for going incognito. And try explaining to the ladies who aren't 90 that they're my surrogate grandmothers. Yeah, I was popular today.

The dude took a day off yesterday so we took the dog on a long walk at Valley Forge where Stella saw horses for the first time. She was utterly transfixed. I'm pretty sure she wants to be one now that she has discovered the beasts. Last night, we went to the movies, so I had to squeeze in a quicky-craft (not like any of these are particularly complicated...)

I made these little (2"x2") notebooks. (Printed the instructions a mere five years ago!) If I did these again, I would make them the size of Post-It notes. Unless you had an industrial strength stapler, you couldn't use a whole pad, but you could certainly put 10-12 sheets in one. (I'd staple them so that the sticky end is not stapled, to preserve the stick.)

Today's craft is similar in construction, but I'm still going to make you wait to see it.


Daffycat said...

Cute notepads! I should do these for work. I jot down the prices I see for gasoline on my way in to work. The post-its I keep in my pocket get pretty crummy really fast!

LOL I got to looking at all the "cards for Maggie" list and saw your followers gadget. I clicked "follow" thinking, "I know I'm already following but..."

Yeah, I guess I've been a visitor here that long!

Deb said...

And where is a picture of this article, may I ask? You know that we all want to see it.

Your notepads are very sweet. A really cute idea!!

I see that you made your goal for Maggie. I know that she's going to be excited.

And once again I ask - where's the picture?

C in DC said...

Fun! My stamping up demonstrator makes these with various sizes of sticky notes. I think she uses sticky strips to adhere them, instead of staples, so you can keep the whole pad of notes together. If you put the sticky end towards the bottom, the wrapper also gives the pad more support.

Casa Pearl said...

Glad to see the Mayor sent a card to Maggie!

Mary in TN said...

I followed the links to the newspaper article and pictures. You look good in that picture. I am interested in what "Lindsay" is knitting. It says a pink "stripped" skirt. Did she take it off and then knit it? Could have have misspelled striped?

Anna van Schurman said...

That's not a picture of me online. The photo of me is in the paper version only. Lindsay is her last name, so it is appropriate to call her that. They have misspelled striped, but it is a lot easier to knit a stripped skirt than to knit with "yard." But then she's using that yard to knit dish "clothes." Yeah, it's a weekly rag.

Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

Cute notebooks. Making them to fit over a package of post-its would be a great idea. Just glue the bottom post it sheet to the inside cover - no staples needed.

Maybe you need to scan and post that article for all of us to enjoy!

doris said...

I saw this on Friday but haven't had time to comment. I need these! Imagine how cool I'd look with fancy post-its instead of the crappy-looking ones we get from the district. I'm all about snazzy office supplies (she admitted nerdily).