Friday, March 16, 2012

Day 15: More Glue

I'm halfway through National Craft Month. I have plenty of projects and supplies, but I have to tell you that my enthusiasm for blogging the projects is waning.
It's not you; it's me. I mean you're visiting and reading and commenting which I appreciate immensely. (And wow! You really visited when Craft Gossip told you about the Irish Potatoes!) I'm just tired. Getting up early three days in a row this week just kicked my ass. And I won't even get a lie-in tomorrow. {Boofrickin'-hoo, right? Most Americans are sleep deprived.} I'm still excited about the crafting, which is good news since I have 15 more projects to go! 

Last night, I decoupaged a frame. I found inspiration here but let's face it; it's just more gluing. I chose four coordinating scrapbooking papers and found some ribbon and glitz for added dimension. I used one of those flat wooden frames from the box craft stores. I think it matches the room of someone who has a birthday coming up. 

Today, I stopped into my local bead shop, The Bead Garden. I haven't been in in an age. I got a few bits and bobs for some upcoming projects. I need to go to that store more often. Remind me.


apdickens said...

I just wanted to let you know how important the blogs have been for me...especially the last few months. Yours is one of my favorites! I have been very sick from chemotherapy and have not been able to stitch and read as usual. The blogs have given me much pleasure.

Denise said...

Love the frame. Some one will be happy.

And go to the bead store more often and show us what you get!

Denise said...
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doris said...

Great frame. I thought decoupage was something that went away decades ago. Your craft month is enlightening for ignorant readers like me!

Jodie said...

Hahaha "it's not you it's me" classic! This frame is really cute though!

Heather said...

National Craft Month? I don't know anything about that, is it just in the US?