Friday, February 24, 2012

The Secret is Out (Almost)

Yesterday was in the 60s. I wore a thin sweater and a jersey under my fleece at the dog park. Today it's 44. I am still not used to wearing a coat this winter, so I didn't. I popped on a sweater and went to old lady stitching. This particular sweater is kind's what my sister calls a "cozy." It's that sweater you can't let go because it's so warm and squishy. It's so warm and squishy, you've worn it too much. It's not really the kind of sweater one should wear out of the house. Friends from cross-stitch camp will recognize this as the description of that sculptural fleece jacket I used to wear all the time. (Eventually, you come to your senses, and you finally put it in the trash where it belongs.)

So there I was dressed poorly with a dime-sized zit on my right cheek, stitching and rapping with my old lady friends when in wanders a reporter--with a camera--from the local weekly to do a story on stitchers at the library. I hang out there all the time so it's one thing that I find a story or two to share with you. But seriously? A whole story on us?

Anyway, she wandered around to all the ladies. Asked how long we'd been coming...why we started...what the group gives long we've been knitting/crocheting/"is that...uh...cross-stitch?" And took pictures of us. At least I put on make-up today. Fortunately, she approached me from the left (it's my good side, while this boil has taken up residence on my face). She took close up pictures of me stitching with dry, wrinkly hands and a manicure studded with black paint. (I've been working in the craft room.) Hopefully, I won't fit the story the editor has in mind. (C'mon I'm 40 years younger than most of the women there!) (And just to make sure I endear myself to everyone, I said it was like having surrogate grandmothers.)

If we make it to the website (as promised), I'll find a way to let you know about it. I'm not sure I want to link to it because I don't want any back tracking to the blog. I don't want to have to stop sharing what goes on on Fridays.

I had hoped to finish Curse of the Raven at stitching today. It will have to happen later this evening. Photos soon.


Chocolates4Breakfast (TerriBoog) said...

We grandmotherly types are really looking forward to the article! LOL

valerie said...

Why is it that when you look your worst(or not all that great in your own eyes), the paparazzi is all out?! I hope the reporter was kind and I can't wait to see the article!

Deb said...

Why do things like that happen when we look our "best?" Can't wait to see the article!

Frances said...

Hilarious, and sounds just like something that would happen to me!!!
(it's probably not as bad as you think!)

Anonymous said...

I remember your jacket. ; )

Would sure love to see the article and pictures.


doris said...

Isn't there a Murphy's law about photography? If you take a holiday from dressing nicely and have a zit, someone will take your picture. Sounds just about right!

barbara said...

Sorry, but I am laughing uproariously. A few weeks ago, the lady who runs the local paper thought it would be great to do a story on me and my homesteading.... She showed up almost an hour early, as I was just coming in from barn chores. Wearing a sweater sort of like you described. Covered in hay and worse. And the picture she chose to run also caught me in mid-word, with my mouth wide open. There has never been a worse picture in the history of the camera, I am sure.