Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Aren't You Clever?

Nice dog hair on that.
My latest new start, Home Sweet Home by Good Housewife. It's stitched on silver 32-ct Belgium linen with the called for silks.

Instead of stitching, I've been working on my homework for the organizer. I've started a number of things but haven't finished them for various reasons. For example, this weekend I started to change the outlets. (When we moved in they were all brown. Who has brown outlets and light switches? Why?) But I was one outlet shy. Yesterday I ran to Home Depot and picked it up but after running all my other errands it was too dark to finish the job. (Since I have to cut the electricity to the outlet--by cutting it to the room, really the whole upstairs--it's a job to do in the daylight.) However, while I was at Home Depot--where three different employees asked me if I was finding everything I needed!--I picked up zip ties.

Part of my homework was to find paper storage. I had found this DIY project online. We had an old nine cube set in the basement languishing unused. Add a few hundred zip ties, and voila. I'd show you a photo, but the few hundred zip ties need to be snipped before I can load it up. I was so pleased with myself that I found a really cheap shelving system. ($8)

Today I pulled into the consignment store on a whim. I'm looking for a bureau and a bookcase but I saw this beautiful oriental cabinet in the window yesterday. The cabinet was too much money (and really dinged up). None of the dressers had tracks for the drawers, but I did find a red bookcase. Twenty four inches wide and five shelves--perfect for the corner! And the price was right. I have five days to find a bigger car and pick it up.

Okay, that outlet isn't changing itself.


doris said...

This shelving idea could work for school. Thanks for the tip!

Good luck with the outlets.

The Queen Bee said...

Nice shelving unit idea. Wonder if I could get my cat to consider one of the shelves 'her' spot. I could just tuck her away at night and keep all my pillow space to myself.


Chelle said...

I like your new start, the fabric is beautiful! Thanks for the link to the shelving idea. Very cool!