Thursday, November 17, 2011

Needs Comment

I think she sounds wonderful, when you get to be her age, you should get to make the decisions that suit you. 
I would like to ask anonymous what age you can start behaving like this? Sure it's one thing to be 89 and telling people when things will happen, but I'm pretty sure she's been this way for well over 20 years and possibly as many as 69, which is neither as adorable nor well-earned.

How was {The Tree of Life Window} to work on?
First of all, let me say thanks for all the love on this finish. I appreciate your enthusiastic remarks. You will notice that I started this project in the mid90s and finished it in 2011. Once I got going it wasn't that bad. You had to count a lot, and I don't enjoy counting. Sometimes, though, it was a real no brainer to stitch. (Backstitch from the bottom to the top in a straight line.) So I guess that balanced out the parts where I actually had to count. I don't usually love back stitching, which I bet puts a lot of people off stitching these Frank Lloyd Wright patterns. It's not nearly as bad as it seems. And did you see how awesome it came out? 

And because of you, Ivanhoe is on my "maybe" list. 
That's a lot of pressure.

I was wondering how Orchestre R√©volutionnaire et Romantique was?
I enjoyed it immensely, but the important opinion resides with the dude who actually knows something about music. He thought it was awesome. "It was interesting to hear old instruments, especially the brass which sounded so different. The orchestra was 'tight' and they played crowd-pleasing Beethoven." I was a little put off by the horn player who really went to town shaking the spit out of his early 19th century instrument. (Apparently spit valves are modern.) It was like he was going to get a prize from the bottom of that thing. Interestingly enough, I was reminded that when I was in middle school learning about the orchestra I was really perplexed by why the concertmaster had to be a violin. I didn't get why leader of the orchestra couldn't play a different instrument. (Partly curious kid, partly bad definition from the teacher.) I told this story to the dude who had a similar memory. He was miffed because, as a clarinetist, he'd never get the job.

Oh all you "Grandma Got Run Over By a Reindeer" haters! 
Today when I was at Home Goods looking for a tablecloth for my too-skinny too-oval table, this Christmas song was playing. I thought, wow, this is the worst Christmas song I've ever heard. I hope I don't ever hear it again. I think my ears might be bleeding. I'd better tell Melissa that "Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer" is not the song I least want to hear. I think what made it worse was that it wasn't a novelty song; it was earnest. And horrible. And I don't know what it was called so chances are I am going to hear some of it again when I least expect it. And, by the way, I'm still not ready to be hearing Christmas songs everywhere I go. I want to get through Thanksgiving first, dammit.


riona said...

I have a whole list of dreadful Christmas Songs and Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer certainly makes the list of horrendous Christmas songs but I think it is edged out by that dreadful song about a little boy buying shoes for a dying mother and by Dominic the Donkey [every drop of Italian blood in my veins congeals to ice when I hear that one]. You are a fine one for lists ... how about compiling a list of the ten worst Christmas songs. I'd love to see your picks.

Kristen said...

Thanks for the info re: stitching the FLW window. I love the way it came out, but was wondering if stitching it would be too 'fiddly.' I'll probably put this pattern on my wish list, though I'm not sure I'll get around to buying it. (It's a long list!)

As for "Grandma Got Run Over..." I remember hearing for the first time as a kid. Thought it was a blast. Of course now, I can't stand it. Can't stand most Christmas music in fact, most likely a by-product of working in retail for years. :/

Paula said...

What is it with the spit valve!?! Some people manage it very discreetly while others seem to be showing off about using the darn thing!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've never heard of Grandma and the Road Hog Reindeer. I'll have to google it.
Onec again Maggie reminds me of my Nana. Everyone said the same as Anon, she's old, let her be. But she'd been like it all her life! Number 7 out of 9 kids and spoiled rotten because she was "delicate". She once ran and hid in a garden leaving the neighbour's kid alone because there were cows coming down the road! (She was afraid of cows, and pretty much most animals). Some people like Nana and Maggie are just born Divas - more kittens, Mariah? LOL