Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Craft Interview

Questions Whip Up asks their contributors. Of course, I'm a whole lot less interesting since I'm not a designer. Also, it's time for bed and I got nothing.

What were your early craft influences/experiences? My mom is definitely my earliest influence. She embroidered, sewed our clothes, did all sorts of crafts. And we did them along with her. I remember doing crewel kits and embroidering shirts and things. When she started quilting, Sissy and I made everyone quilted pot holders for Christmas. 
Name three of your favourite artist/maker/designers who have influences your artistic direction or your craft practice? If I say the women of the Trilogy, is that all three? Them, and Lori Markovic for cross stitch. Shimelle Laine for scrapbooking.
What is your favourite material to work with? I'm going with 40 count linen.
What three things could you not do without in your craft room? Scissors, fabric, pretty paper. 

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