Thursday, July 28, 2011


Crafter: a person who stores supplies for her 1000 project ideas that she never quite gets to and no longer make sense to make. 

All props to Miriam, from Crafter by Night. Okay, I couldn't help editing a tiny bit.

I've updated my sale page. 

I owe some people invoices, and I do need to visit the post office. They closed* the one across the street from me, and now it is a giant hassle to go. The closest one, which I drive by regularly, has three (3) parking spots on the side of a busy road; the other one is in a part of town I never visit, though they do have adequate parking.

*They're thinking of closing the B. Free Franklin Post Office. Now where will I get the fancy franking for special occasion cards?


Miriam said...

Yeah I was tired. The English got a bit kerfuzzled. But the statement is totally true.

C in DC said...

Why are post offices either conveniently located but hard to access or inconveniently located with plenty of parking? I have a P.O. in the building next to me at work, but it's a drag to have to haul packages in with me, and my main P.O. has no parking whatsoever.

Robin said...

Sorry to learn the Lizze Kate was gone. How about

Whiskey Creek Ink, Picture Perfect Main Street Box $8 and the LHN Curly Q Ewe, $2. I can do Paypal.
Thanks, Robin

Jenna said...

I refuse to look at your sale page. Sorry, but I just went back on the wagon and I would at least like to make it 24 hours before I fall off. Even though I'm betting you might have at least one Just Nan on there... No, don't tell me: I don't want to know. Oh, and is : or ; correct in that circumstance? : joins two sentences, right? It just never looks right to me, so I end up opting for the wimpier ;.