Saturday, April 30, 2011

April Showers and May Flowers

{Sigh} A big one...of relief. I've had a busy few days here. On Friday morning I brought my Martha Stewart carrot muffins to the library for the weddingpalooza tea only to find it wasn't a palooza at all. You may remember I was also going to make Eton mess as well but I couldn't find a meringue anywhere. I know they are easy to make but not when you have a yard sale to prepare for, a trip to New York to make, and carrot muffins to bake. So I scrapped the mess even though I bought two quarts of strawberries.  Anyway, the anti-palooza: Only our librarian was wearing a hat, there were no decorations even though I had sent the link to the royal printables from One Pretty Thing, and there was hardly any talk of the wedding at all. The ladies did not like the queen's dress. They don't think women their age with white hair can do yellow. Someone commented that the royal wedding would take our minds of "Obama's fake birth certificate." That raised some eyebrows, let me tell you. And I told them if Donald Trump started running the country like a business, they could kiss their sweet ride on social security goodbye. Because, people, governments and businesses have different purposes. That's why governments aren't successful in business terms. But I wouldn't want businesses to be held to governments' purposes either. I also may have suggested that we should just kill everyone over 65 and then I'd have to go to library stitching all by myself. Except, it turns out, there are two women who aren't anywhere near 65 who I offended. So yes, a banner day for me, and it was only beginning.

I got home and I had to jump in the car to drive to New Jersey to attend to my family's royal wedding. We went up to Kleinfeld for the last fitting. (How can this wedding be in less than two weeks? I still have 30 pounds to lose!) All the attendants attended. My niece was very excited to visit the store; she's become completely addicted to Say Yes to the Dress. We had a nice dinner at Blue Water Grill. Then we had to run to catch our respective trains home. I did manage to get some stitching done both ways this time.

When I got home, I had to finish cleaning and pricing for the yard sale. Saturday morning I was up with the birds and lugging crap out to the driveway. There were 50 yard sales in my neighborhood yesterday. Fifty! Still no one wanted the damn television armoir we've been trying to get rid of since January. I think I've got to call someone to come take it away. (We did okay with the sale, but not great.)

You can see I had a number of distractions this month, but how did I do with my stitching?
  1. Finish a page of the marquoir--no, I didn't even take this out this month. {Shock!}
  2. Finish-finish four projects--I chose four projects, but every time I thought to take out the iron to get started, I just couldn't. 
  3. Work on City Stitcher, Willow Trees Sampler--Got lots done on this.
  4. Work on With Thy Needle and Thread, Hoppin' Along Sampler--finished!
  5. Work on Lizzie*Kate's Dog Lessons for People--moving along on this one.
For May
  1. Get back to work on the marquoir
  2. Finish-finish five projects
  3. Work on City Stitcher, Willow Trees Sampler
  4. Work on Lizzie*Kate's Dog Lessons for People
  5.  Choose and begin an anniversary present for the dude.


Catherine said...

Sounds like a very interesting library day conversation! You've certainly been busy!

Denise said...

I would have loved to see their faces when you told them 'their sweet ride on SS' would come to an end! lol

I thought the Queen looked good in canary yellow. Kate's dress was pretty in a Princess Grace classic way - but I wanted more umph.

That tv armoir can't be refitted to hold stash? I can see shelves in the top with all types of storage.

Too bad on not achieving April's goals - good luck in May.

KarenV said...

I thought the Queen looked good in her outfit, actually :) Sounds like it was an interesting party! Nice progress on your WIPs too.

Alice said...

I'll tell you what I do...only talk politics when I feel especially bitchy and want to offend someone. It certainly isn't hard. A lot of people can't seem to comprehend that not everyone has the very same opinion as them on every given subject. It is amazing how cranky they get and how personally they take it. Still... I guess it wouldn't be much fun library stitching by yourself. I hope your very own family wedding goes well!

Donna said...

Sounds like you had a very interesting Friday library stitching experience. LOL

As for the tv armoire, I just read an article about these in the post. Their day has passed. Unless it's very unusual, you might have to pay someone to take it. Alas, I have waited too long to sell mine.

Anonymous said...

Uh oh! I have an obsolete TV armoire to get rid of, too. I'm in OKC if anyone wants to come and get it.

Gotta make room for my new 55" flat screen!

Oh, hi Anna. ; )


Brigitte said...

I can so relate to your April goal number 2. I've been looking at all my Easter and spring finishes for weeks now - they lie on an exposed spot of my desk - and each time I think "I should finish-finish them" and then I continue thinking "-one day ..." lol.
Oh, and I loved the Queen's dress and its colour.

Jenna said...

Too funny that the ladies didn't end up talking much about the royal wedding after all. At this rate, I think that I am never going to catch up with you on Dog Lessons for People, unless I really focus on it and make a lot more time for stitching. I really don't see that happening, though, just so you know. :)