Friday, October 01, 2010

October Goals

During September my goals were:
  • continue to work on the marquoir--I didn't work on this. The dude took me to a play on stitch night, and then for the rest of the month, I never took it out of the bag.
  • finish finish more ornaments--another fail
  • start sewing the messenger bags--again with the failure but they will get done in the coming months since they are on the Christmas list!
  • make cards with orange scraps--finally, something I managed to do! Photos once these hurricane remnants have passed us by. (I've got lights on all over the house this morning.
  • work on BOAF Scared Silly--Another thing I did! Happily, it is about 2/3 complete.
  • return to quilt class--I'm pretty sure you're going to believe this, but after putting the start of classes on every calendar we owned, including the one on the computer that sends you alerts, I forgot to go to not one, but both, of my classes. D'oh! The dude managed to go to his class. 

  • work on the marquoir
  • finish-finish two projects
  • work on the messenger bags
  • make cards with red and green scraps {starting the Christmas cards}
  • work on my quilt
  • start Beneath the Sea for Christmas
  • work on at least two other Christmas presents
Stella seems to have no problem when I am stitching, but as I've reported, she does not like to see me knitting. Last night, I was punching some shapes to make flowers with (pictures of this project when the weather shapes up) and she was barking her head off. This dog is an anti-craftite. It's ridiculous.

PS Does anyone happen to know the DMC equivalent of Penn State Blue? Many thanks!


Laura said...

My cat doesn't like knitting either. She will sit on my lap and let floss be draped over her head but if I dare pull out some yarn and needles she flips her lid.

Annemarie said...

My cats get very involved with my crafting. They rearrange my threads and helpfully make the holes in my linen a little bigger by sharpening their nails on it. I think I would prefer your anti-craftite dog, actually.

Good luck with those goals!

Anonymous said...

Try DMC 311 or the slightly darker 336. Those match the lion logo on my son's Penn State sweatshirt. Hope this is helpful. Karen O

Barbara said...

I haven't checked blogs or anything else fun for about a week now, so I'm terribly behind. Your sister's intended looks like someone my grandmother (in law) would also great enjoy fondling in public, LOL. Those muscles just drive the old ladies ga-ga.

I'm not even discussing the Christmas thing. It's still August and the rest of the world is deluded.