Friday, September 03, 2010

Another Pivot Meme

Several people have commented that we should have been doing the obvious thing since we were on our honeymoon. You and our guide. He kept dropping us of on isolated spits of land, and telling us precisely when he would return, "It's 12:05 now. I'll be back in one hour and three minutes. At 1:08." And then he would show up like clockwork. However, he had no idea how fucking tired we were. After all we:
  • hiked on a glacier
  • kayaked
  • canoed across three lakes but only after we...
  • hiked for 3 hours...
  • before portaging the canoe over a hill that had no clear path and was entirely overgrown with brush (those three on the same day). That's me having portaged the canoe and having two more lakes to cross. See how the canoe looks like it's just in the forest? That's because There.Was.No.Trail. Don't I look tired? My day has just begun.
  • Oh wait, we blew up the frickin' canoe too. Eventually we slept in a delightful forest service cabin.
  • We also caught 60 pounds of salmon, but that was another day.
People, I didn't care a whit that it was my honeymoon. I wanted to rest. For like three years. Did I mention that it was an awesome trip?

Enough about how much sex I had on my honeymoon.

The yarnster Vickie Howell had a little meme "in the tradition of the great James Lipton" (well, I'll quibble, it's Bernard Pivot after Proust) on the Lark blog*.

1. What craft sound or smell do you love? I love the sound of...silence. (Or, when I'm in a group, the silence that falls between conversations and is interrupted by someone counting under her breath.)

2. What craft sound or smell do you hate? I hate the sound of a jamming sewing machine: clunk clunk clunk (mostly because it invariably happens when I am trying to finish a gift at the last minute).

3. What career other than your own would you like to try? I'd like to own a cross-stitch shop, you know, if money were no object.

4. When you have a craftastrophe**, what is your favorite exclamation?

* If you've avoided the Lark blog because the DMC blog is so obviously commandeered by the marketing department and not written by a human--or rather, by a human who uses her baby talk voice--then check out the Lark blog. It's done by people who get the use of social media as a communication tool.
**Also listed as when you "burn yourself with a glue gun or poke yourself with a sewing needle."

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mainely stitching said...

If I went on a honeymoon NOW, all I'd want to do is sleep. ;)

The canoeing/hiking/etc. sound like a lot of fun actually. Probably a lot more fun than just having sex. LOL.