Tuesday, August 31, 2010

See You in September

Remember when you were a kid and September was the time you'd see all your school friends again? I had my (summer) beach friends and my camp friends. We spent much of the summer at the beach when I was small. And now that my nieces are at the beach for the month of August, Lala has her beach friends too. It's funny to see the circle of life. Of course, I went into the freezing Atlantic on the New Hampshire coast without a shorty wetsuit, and I body surfed without a boogie board. (Kids today!) I also went to Girl Scout camp, even though I was the only one who wasn't a scout. Except for the two English girls who came, they were Bluebirds or something. (Why you would choose to spend 6 weeks at Little Island Pond in southern NH, I have no idea.) Still, there was always something exciting about seeing old friends come September.

August goals
  • marquoir--I did work on this a bit up in Maine
  • finish finish some ornaments--finished two (see below)
  • Strip piece the the messenger bags--didn't get to this
  • make cards with blue scraps--I started, but there were a lot of blue scraps! (see below)
  • finish Folk Art Threadkeep--DONE!
  • finish Tree of Life Window--I have done a respectable amount of work on this. There is a lot of backstitching here. A LOT!

  • continue to work on the marquoir
  • finish finish more ornaments
  • start sewing the messenger bags
  • make cards with orange scraps
  • work on BOAF Scared Silly
  • return to quilt class; work on flower quilt

The ornament with Two Deer is from Prairie Schooler, a preview of the Two by Two series which appeared in one of the JCS Ornament issues. The moose is from Two Hour Cross-Stitch (or maybe Two Hour Country Cross-Stitch). I'm not sure why I considered those green and blue scraps blue either now that I see them here. Maybe because the matching stripe is so blue?


Alice said...

You've been busy! I like the ornaments and love the cards!

KarenV said...

Everything looks wonderful! I really like the Tree of Life window with its clean, geometric patterns and the cards and matching bags are fab! I love handmade cards, but I really don't need another hobby LOL.

C in DC said...

Cute cards. I really like the matching gift bags too.

Kathy A. said...

Thanks Anna :)

Meadows08 said...

You've got a lot done! Love Two by Two.