Friday, August 06, 2010

A Few Minutes on Friday

I was back at the library today with my old ladies. Happily Mabel is alive. She is not well, however. As of Sunday, she was still in rehab after a trip to the hospital for dehydration. The weather we have been having is such a killer (literally) because old people don't get thirsty in the heat like us young folks. So please, remind your mother or grandmother to drink at least 6 glasses of water every day*. Please note, if your grandmother, like mine, thinks coffee counts, slip some more water in her glass when she's not looking.

I have also had a request. One of the women can no longer cross stitch and needs a ghost stitcher. Unfortunately, she cannot afford to hire one. She is willing to barter. Let me know if you are interested, and I can hook you up.

We also had a return visit from one of the high school girls who sometimes stitches with the old ladies. I've seen her walking around town when I walk the dog. Today the old ladies especially delighted in how much she was talking--I guess she used to be quieter. She's a junior now; their baby's all grown up. Today she was writing a Buddhist prayer on her jeans with fabric paint. It looked amazingly cool. But once she left we had to delve into the question of her Buddhism. Sometimes old people can be remarkably close-minded.

I got back to work on the threadkeep. I'm almost ready for the pulled double backstitch that is the beginning of the end.

Here's a seemingly random question: sympathy notes. We haven't written the ones we should have written (since May). Is it too late? Do we apologize for being slackers? At least two of the three notes go to people I'm not that close to, fwiw.

*that's two words on purpose; I'm growing increasingly annoyed at the English speaking world's inability to distinguish "every day" from "everyday."


Coni said...

I happen to think that sending the notes a little later is better...there is always that mad rush of cards, flowers, visits, etc. right after a loved one dies, but then a few months in and you're feeling more lonely/sad/whatever. I wouldn't apologize at're actually wonderful to check in with these folks.

Cobb salad. Must have Cobb salad. Now.

Would it BE so wrong to have Cobb salad AND a club sandwich?

Adrienne Martini said...

I agree with what Coni said, both about the notes and the Cobb salad. Suddenly, I want one.

Caroline said...

I also agree with Coni - a simple note can never go wrong and they will appreciate it. There is no need to apologize for not sending it sooner.
I was just talking to my daughter about why she shouldn't expect her Grandma to go blueberry picking in the 40degreeC weather. I hope Mabel improves soon.
Now - where's my damn Cobb salad?

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I also say wait no longer - send the note. Say you're sorry for taking so long but.... you know. Better to do it late than to run into them at some point and feel really crappy for not having done it.

I hope the old ladies weren't being too judgmental on the young ladies Buddhism. A religion (any religion) that preaches love, kindness and calm should be appreciated. Doesn't matter one bit if it's yours or mine (or the old ladies preferred faith). Old biddies. Geesh!

Lee said...

I think it's never too late for a kind word. Even if you feel it's past the time for sending a sympathy card, it would be lovely to send any card saying that you're thinking of them and maybe with a nice remembrance of the deceased or an encouraging thought for the survivors.

When my dad died, I appreciated every single card and note that I received, even if it was a long time after he had passed. No apologies were necessary.

Kathryn said...

I just caught myself almost posting everyday, but I put that space in there right quick.

You can have my Cobb Salad, if my husband doesn't eat it first. Bleu cheese, ugh!

Karen said...

My 2c about the sympathy notes is the same as everyone else's, better late than never and always appreciated.

I'm glad to hear that Mabel is stil alive and I hope she improves and can come back to your stitching group soon.

Good point about "everyday" vs. "every day". I used to work for a boss who wanted us to use "can not" instead of "cannot" in our documents. I could not.

Someone else can have my Cobb salad. By the time I finish taking off the things I don't care for, it's not a Cobb salad. Cheers!

Anonymous said...

i am with Coni as well ... sympathy and thank yous ... are never too late. I happen to think a later card is sometimes better as well...

doris said...

It's not too late to send the cards, just as Coni and others have said. Kind words are always appreciated in any form.

No Cobb salad for me. I'm thinking Caesar.

Thanks for the update about Mabel.

Anonymous said...

Speaking to the every day/everyday thing and I am not an English major, which is correct: Forward and backward or forwards and backwards? Do I go toward something or towards something? I left off the S this case and was told I should use the S.

I would appreciate a heads up!.

Mary in TN

Alice said...

Agreed with everyone and Coni, a sympathy note has no expiration date. Just send a note saying you are sorry for their loss/situation and they have been in your thoughts.

I am glad to hear that Mabel is alive and can be mended.

Susan said...

Definitely send the notes saying you are still thinking of the family. They will appreciate it and you'll feel better, too.

Monsoon said...

Send the note.
Buddhism is a wonderful old religion, more philosophy than religion, which I like.
I need to take an English class with you, no one (in school or out) has EVER mentioned a difference between everyday and every day... it may take me the rest of the day to figure that out for myself.