Wednesday, June 16, 2010

News of the World

New world record for most crocheters in one place; it's a team sport people. (Yankees and Phillies fans beware, it's at a Mets game.)

Australian Vogue Living November/December 09 featured a crochet coral reef and the line, "this above-sea-level reed hauls the aesthetic of the craft out from the box beside nanna's fireplace into the realm of cool." Unfortunately, I can't upload the pdf that Bronny sent, but you can see this "realm of cool" here. It is cool, but can we leave the grandmothers out of it?

The nexus of craft and feminism. This is the article I would have written if I could bend my mind the way I used to. Nowadays it's like vuvuzelas are constantly playing in there. Oh right, they are. (Though judging from the comments she received, I'm not sure the complicated message is getting through.)

Another bit of news sent from Shelley:
About a year or so ago a designer (Nate Berkus, I think) revamped a couple's home that was very outdated. Nate went through the home, commented on old color schemes and such. His final condemnation was "and there was cross-stitch EVERYWHERE!". Anyway, imagine my glee when I saw cross-stitch featured in Elle Decor magazine, in the "What's Hot" section, no less! I was reviewing this issue from last year and thought I'd share it with you.

Getting the young people to craft. Same article two sources. {Via Kathryn} SFGate covers Craft Bar and {via Cindy, a dedicated reader} futuregirl's report of the same event. Thanks dear readers for showing us how we might rally the youth to our craft.


Melissa said...

I used buy Elle Decor all the time, now I wish I had that issue. Although I wonder if it was a What's Hot and focusing on Subversive Cross Stitch, although that's not very Elle Decor.

Now I have a reason not to like Nate Berkus--why would cross stitch offend him so much?

I thought Deb Stoller broke the whole feminist don't craft myth years ago, or at least wasn't that her intention with her knitting and crochet books?

valerie said...

I've been thinking about hitting Craft Bar to see what it's like. I just wish I knew of some SF Crafters to go with that would be into doing this with me!

Marcy said...

Thanks for the link to the crochet coral reef -- too cool.
Whenever I watch designers on HGTV, I look at my walls covered with stitching and wonder what they would think ... LOL! I guess I won't pass for haute couture -- too funny!

Margy@hidethecheese said...

I found the Lindsay Beyerstein article very interesting. I've been thinking a lot about how to square my obsession for cooking with my feminism. I may write about it, although my thoughts are so much less highbrow that Beyerstein's.