Monday, May 31, 2010

Goodbye, May

In May, I set out to
  • keep stitching the threadkeep--yes, the I have completed another section, just one to go!
  • keep stitching on the marquoir--yes, I finished section 5 and started section 6
  • make something for my dad's birthday--ran into a situation. I need a few feet of Petite Treasure Braid in PB07 and no one in this area has it. I think I'm going to take out the letters--again--and stitch them with a different metallic
  • start an anniversary present for the dude--I chose Erica Michael's "To Thee My Heart" and mounted it so I could start stitching
  • class quilt--I managed to do nothing on this quilt this month. I am putting it away until the new class in the fall. Remind me I am not in the class to start a new quilt. Do not let me get sucked in by a pretty new quilt or the possibilities of new fabric! I will need your help with that. Promise me!
  • Finish the Threadkeep
  • Keep stitching on the marquoir
  • Finish the Las Vegas piece and mount it in a box before June 26
  • Finish the anniversary present for the dude
  • Make the Bermuda map pattern for the dude's birthday


Faye said...

Anna, I really like your goal setting methods~~~ Something about seeing it written down makes accountability more likely....I sure do enjoy your blog and watching your progresses...Good job!! Faye

Nic said...

Well done on your achievements, and good luck with the goals for June.

And yes, I promise to remind you about quilt class :o)

Aussie Stitcher said...

We will do our best to stop you from starting a new quilt, but how much influence will I have from Australia? I checked my stash but sadly I don't have that PB treasure braid:(. I hope you find a solution.

Donna said...

I should be able to get you PTB 07 to you via mail today, if you like.

Jenna said...

I see that Donna has already offered, but I will check my stash when I get home for the PB07, as well.