Friday, May 21, 2010

"Better Living Through Stitching Together"

Since it's my day to hang with the old lady knitters*, I thought I would give a shout out to the upcoming WORLD WIDE Knit in Public Day, on the second Saturday in June. If I were to knit in public, I would have to go all the way (ha) to Philadelphia. It's being held at Rittenhouse Square where it is impossible to park. Maybe someone will hold one closer to my house. Of course, I could get in the car and drive to Intercourse because who doesn't want to knit in Intercourse. I think the only thing I haven't done in Intercourse is, well, have intercourse. {rimshot} Thank you, I'll be here all week.

*Yes, it's true. I know you thought I had found a group of cross-stitchers at my local library, but most of my old ladies knit or crochet. A couple do other kinds of embroidery, but it's mostly yarn. And believe me when I say, they are the anti-wool snobs (it's all Red Heart and Lion Brand; not that there is anything wrong with that).


Jenna said...

Have fun with the old bitties! BTW, you should try typing in that word and see what alternatives come up - bitches and titties were my personal favorites.

Kristen said...

they are the anti-wool snobs (it's all Red Heart and Lion Brand

Ugh! There is so much beautiful yarn out there!

Nic said...

I pretty much knit in public any day, but it will be nice to have an excuse to get my knitting group together for an extra meet.

You'd be an honoured guest with our group if you're ever in Sheffield - some of us do cross stitch and embroider.

Robin said...

I bet they do plastic canvas too....not that there is anything wrong with that either!

Cathy said...

I don't knit, but if you want to come out to Intercourse, I'd crochet in public with the knitters. Let me know.