Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Jet Plane

Phew. Last week, I only let myself think as far as Thursday. And then starting Friday, I focused on Sunday, when I had the family over for dinner--including my cake-baking cousin whose birthday is today and my sister's new boyfriend who has the palate sophistication of a ten year old. (But he makes my sister happy.) We had to keep the house clean, set a menu fit for children and adults, and create an appropriate birthday dessert for the Cake Goddess. (I went with brownie sundaes using the leftover brownies from Thursday. Because a woman's got to know her limitations.)

I am leaving for camp at the crack on Thursday. And I've just started thinking about packing. I know it's going to be wet but warm.

Didn't I once make a list of everything a person should bring to camp? Where did that go?

Help me, people! What am I forgetting?


Xeyedmary said...

insect repellant and deoderant!

Lee said...

A credit card with an insane credit limit? An extra empty bag to haul home all of your new purchases?

I've been known to hit the Super Walmart to pick up what I've forgotten (or couldn't fit into my suitcase) and then return it on my way back to the airport. Like a folding plastic footstool. (What? Did I really just tell everyone that?)

But don't try that at Hobby Lobby because they're closed on Sunday.