Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Camping? How About a List?

Just last week I was looking for a camp packing list. I've compiled one; the fact that I was at camp for four days is hardly a coincidence. I looked around, saw the things people had and made a list. Of course there's some amount of overkill in what people bring--matching t-shirts, table mounted cup holders, grapes--but here's a list that is a happy medium.
  • clothes
  • pajamas
  • robe--or wear your bra all day long (see New Rule #1)
  • hoodie or sweater
  • slippers
  • shower shoes
  • shoes (nb: you can probably make do with two pairs--or even just one--for 4 days)
  • stitching lamp
  • stitching projects
  • needles
  • scissors
  • laying tool
  • do-lolly
  • camera
  • nail file
  • hand wipes
  • band aids
  • hand cream
  • toiletries
  • ear plugs--or perhaps noise canceling headphones
  • umbrella But face it: if it rains you will avoid the outside. Don't pack your trench coat (again).
  • silk sleeping bag
  • extra blanket (small fleece throw)

If you have a friend who lives near enough to drive, she could bring:
  • water
  • foot stool
  • extra lamp for table center (helps light things up after the sun goes down)
I'm sure even after four days of list making, I've forgotten something. Put it in the comments; I'll pack it next year.


Catherine said...

I'd have to pack chocolate!!

NITA said...

and I packed an extra bag for all the stuff I bought and the "Nighty Night" gifts...Enjoyed meeting you there...Nita

Donna said...

Other sometimes necessary implements in my little tool bag - laying tool, pink hair tape, needle threader, Thread Heaven, tweezers (I'm always pulling out stray cat fur), and screw driver (if I'm using a hoop). And I always have a small notebook, a couple of sheets of graph paper, pen and pencil.

The Queen Bee said...

As someone who has been to camp 3 times, you are right on with your rules about snoring and attire worn in a group setting. While I have never worn matching t-shirts (on purpose, anyway) I do love my table mount cup holder so I don't knock my diet Coke over and ruin anyone's stuff.

Charlene ♥ SC said...

...even ordered one of those table mounted cup holders this year after wishing for one twice! You must not have the same klutz motions as I do. A throw/blanket WILL be in the car next year, too.