Monday, March 29, 2010

I'm Late I'm Late I'm Late

The dog woke us up this 8:35. The dude forgot to set his alarm; add in an unexpected drive to the city, and whoosh! the next thing you know I was hours behind on my day.

I didn't do much stitching this weekend either. The dude wanted to watch Branded to Kill, an old Japanese film--which was really freaking weird--and I had to pay attention to the subtitles. Even watching the subtitles, it was hard to figure out what is going on.

I did spend time working in the craft room. I have sorted through some supplies that I will never use and corralled a few "to be filed" piles into one container. It's amazing how much more space that leaves! I also started attending to some of my "Something from (Almost) Nothing" class prompts. Prompt 1 asked us to use up our metals. I had to focus on brads because I can't find my {paper} eyelet setter, and the fabric one is too potent for papers.

My "answer" to the first prompt is a layout of my oldest nephew (now 9) somewhere in Scotland visiting his great grandmother. (Sorry about the flash; the weather isn't cooperating.)

I also made one for Stella's scrapbook. I don't love this one, so I'm trying to figure out what's wrong with it.

I also made this card. I like the brads in the scallops. I might use that again.

It's kind of difficult to work on using up my supplies and clean and organize the craft room at the same time. But I can't focus on one at the expense of the other; organizing is bo-ring!


MelissaD said...

Glad to see you're working a little and playing a little - I really like the Thanksgiving card...the tree is beautiful!
Too bad we're on opposite coasts - I think I must be a professional organizer in a parallel universe because I actually LIKE organizing stuff. I have an IKEA wardrobe with boxes all labeled - fabrics, thread types, beads, etc. All my stitching charts are in a file cabinet by subject, etc. It's sad really :)

C in DC said...

I'm great at organizing other people's stuff, but horrible in my own house. I think I get too distracted with "oh, what can I do with this" in my own space.

I love your use of the brads in the scallops. Excellent! Great card.

Catherine said...

I have to say my favorite is the Thanksgiving card! I love the brads! My first thought with Stella's page was to turn the heart a little to the left - I don't know why - maybe because I always feel slightly off center!?!?

Alice said...

I love Stella's scrapbook! What a cute idea.