Monday, March 08, 2010


Look what I finished this weekend. Yay, me! For a while, some women who worked in the Boehringer studio were checking in with me on this. I should tell them it is finally finished.

Curtis Boehringer
Apple Sampler
DMC on 22 count evenweave
from the old Cross Stitch Sampler Magazine, rip

Today I sent a present to my nephew who will be three on Saturday. I had to make a card to match that wild paper.

I also took the car to have the winter washed off it. Then I took my feet to the pedicurist for a similar treatment. Not that I'm going crazy because we've had a little spring around here these past few days. No, I'm heading to Florida soon. Woot!


Barbeeque4 said...

Apple Sampler is a great finish!! Congrats!!!

Shelleen said...

beautiful finish.

Lee said...

Yay for apples! It looks great! Have a fabulous time in Florida. Hey...isn't stitch camp soon, too?

Annemarie said...

You're going to Florida? Where it's warm and sunny? Nice!

That is a seriously fantastic card you made for your nephew. I love it.

And congratulations on your wonderful finish. It looks like it may have taken a while :o) Do you know, it actually reminds me of a couple of Fremme pieces I have tucked away in my WIP/UFO drawer, with that border. Beautiful!

Nic said...

Congratulations on the fab finish!

Alice said...

Nice finish! Great card to go with the wild paper, the three year old will love it! Have fun in Florida...lucky.

T. Whitesell said...

Love your finished piece and the card matching the paper was so cute.

Catherine said...

Great finish!

Donna said...

Now how fabulous does it feel to have that sampler finished? Great, I bet. See what sticking with it gets you?

PS It's lovely.

C in DC said...

Congrats on the finish. Cute card too.

mainely stitching said...

What a fab finish! I love his samplers, and they show up so rarely.

Coni said...

Woo Hoo, you! (That was for the pedicure).

The other items are super swell too!

(Are your friends and family wise enough to save all of those gorgeous cards so that when you're more famous than you are now there will be adequate material for your museum exhibition?)

Xeyedmary said...

Beautiful finish!
Cute card!
Enjoy your trip- I went the 1st week of Feb, daughter went last week of Feb, brother is there now. The temps were/are on the low side. My brother said it finally got to 70 in Ocala the other day... bring a sweater!

Redwitch said...

Nice finish, congrats!

Cool matching card, I best your nephew will love it.

Enjoy your trip :)