Thursday, February 25, 2010

Just One of Those Things

Sigh. The thing-a-day is keeping me from my blog. It's starting to feel like punishment to have to make something before I can blog. Maybe I'm done with it.

Last night I went back to quilting class at the adult school. I got shut out one semester then I cut off my finger and thought perhaps quilting would be too much for me. Anyway, I am back in the class. My initial motivation was to finish the quilt I started in 19dicketytwo. The design is a pinwheel, and for some reason my mother thought it should be a charm quilt. I must have gone back to college and then the quilt got put in a bag and moved with me from New Hampshire to New York City (where I did no quilting) to Los Angeles (where I did some piecing) to Pennsylvania. I think I would feel freer if I were under it literally rather than figuratively.

But of course the teacher has complicated matters by choosing a really cute quilt (pictured). The background is a four patch and the flowers are appliqued over it. I thought I could do it in beige, red, and black for the living room or beige, aqua, and brown for the bed room. And who doesn't love picking out new fabric?

So what should I do. Vote in the sidebar.


Jenna said...

I voted. But it looks like I'm not in the majority. :)

Susan said...

I voted for making the new quilt in aqua and brown. You'll learn a lot from making the new quilt and the original one will be a breeze. (I'm betting you'll catch the quilting bug.) And as for fabric shopping, there's a great shop in Old Ridge Village on the side where Strawberry Sampler used to be. LQS and LNS within a mile or so of each other--what could be better?

Miriam said...

I voted, unpopularly, for finishing the first one. But then, I am in one of those Just-Get-Things-Done-And-Out-Of-My-Hair-At-Last-For-Pete's-Sake moods this year.

It's me, not you.

Lana said...

Wow! That looks...complicated, but fun!!! I vote you start a new one in red and black...I love those colors together!

Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I voted for the new quilt too, in my favorite colors of red and black but alas, I'm so far, in the minority. What's not to LOVE about red and black?! Go for it!!!

オテモヤン said...


Laura Elizabeth said...

I voted for aqua and brown - my favorite combination right after pink and brown!

Michelle said...

I voted for the aqua and brown. Cute quilt! Glad you're finally in the class!!!

Alice said...

Ooooh, it is a cute quilt! How can you resist?