Monday, February 15, 2010

Around the Webosphere

Things happening. Time eaten. Snow falling. Talk amongst yourselves. Here are some topics.

  • More in counter cross-stitch. I salute the attempt to deconstruct the sexism, but leave the cross stitch out of it unless you want to look like a bozo. It's counted. We count. We don't counter anything. I don't leave my stitching on the counter. Is that so counter-intuitive?

  • Another Pearl dies. I am especially pleased to see another crafter dedicated to celebrity face in cross-stitch:

    Pearl, where I bought the stuffing for my giant squid. Pearl, where you can get castable silicon for making those orange Gaultier suspenders Leeloo wore in the Fifth Element for Halloween. Pearl, where I could usually find the colors of embroidery floss necessary for the skin tones in the cross-stitch I made of Ice Cube's face. Oh, Pearl, I mourn you. (emphasis added)

  • For the Project Runway Fans, a "Make it Work" pattern

  • Frankly, no one really wanted Elvis to live to be 75. But you can remember his younger days in cross stitch, from his military service to "Gold" Elvis to a Graceland Sampler. The latter includes my favorite piece of Elvis cheese, the TCB lightning bolt emblem (Taking Care of Business in a Flash, his personal motto. Which cracks me up still.)

  • Sorry I don't have the story that goes with this one (from the Global Post Blog). The link is broken. But somewhere in Asia, cross-stitching facemasks (to protect oneself from H1N1) is a "booming industry." See, the Asians really will save us cross-stitchers (remember the Chinese weightlifting team?)

  • The Brits are done with instant gratification. Cross stitch, thriving.

  • World's Largest Cross Stitch. Twenty folk artists working "over 200 days." Yeah, twenty four hour days. Be sure to watch the video so you can get the scale.

  • Doing Cross-stitch: it's how you can tell you are getting old. Add it to the old lady count. (Frankly, I've lost count.)


Xeyedmary said...

Why some important company has NOT snatched you up as a researcher is beyond me! Where the heck do you find all this interesting stuff???!!!
That BBC program(mme) sounds interesting; I wonder if they'll broadcast it here?

Sadie said...

So, what I need is a team of Chinese folk artists over here to work on my HAED. I bet they would take care of business in a flash.
The BBC program looks fgood though. I'll probably watch it.

Alice said...

Awesome post! I can't believe how huge that map is!

Melissa said...

Thanks for all the links! How do you find this stuff?

Jenna said...

Please oh please tell me that you commented on the counter cross-stitch post. If you don't know what you're talking about, please don't open your mouth people.

As for the Pearl article, I can't believe someone actually made a replica of Leeloo's costume, including the DayGlo orange suspenders. Wow.

There's a renewed interest in thatching? Really?

Holy crap, 200 days? I think they might be missing a 0 on the end of that or something. Or they had a large group of people smoking some really good crack.

Finally, I'm sorry but cross stitch does not equal needlepoint. It's a form of needlework, but it's not needlepoint. Chalk that up to another idiot, for more reasons than the obvious old lady insult.

Boy, you found some real winners in that batch! Next time, you should spread them out over multiple posts so I don't write another psycho long post.

doris said...

I thought exactly what Jenna thought about counter cross-stitch ... for about ten seconds. And then I read some of the other comments and realized that a comment about his lack of stitching savvy would've probably provoked a rant.

My favorite find of yours this time is the Shop Elvis cross-stitch kits. I'm working at getting a mental image of who would stitch Elvis. Frightening, isn't it? Or maybe I'm just a snob. Will I ever stop being amazed at what people will spend their time doing?

Thanks for the fun links.