Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Stitches

On Friday, I went to my lns stitching night even though the only person I knew who would be there was Molly. I couldn't think what to bring to work on, since I am supposed to be sewing sewing sewing Christmas presents. So I grabbed this*--my New Year Start--which lives propped up on the top of the bookshelf in the craft room. We had very poor reception on the Philly's game, so I had to call the dude to ask what was going on. "Chan Ho Park's a bum," he said. Not quite the report the stitchers were expecting, but he did an admirable play by play for the top of the eighth...even if I had to censor his language a bit. He gets...involved. Even though it's not even his national pastime. (Baseball was the first American sport the dude fell in love with when he came to the US 18 years ago. So his love of baseball has reached its maturity.)

Even though the Phils lost, we had a great time at stitching. Catharine (no blog) brought a fabulous piece of cross stitch from the mid1800s that an aunt had found in the ancestral home. I should have brought a camera. I know you'd like to see it. There were several newcomers but you'd never know we'd just met. There was Crazy Ass Stitcher (makes her exes any which way...crazy!) and Sue, who even offered her house for the after-party. Can you imagine? "Hi, dude? The stitchers are having an after-party. I'll be home when I'm home." In the end, I needed my sleep because I planned to get up early the next day and go to the Stitching Jubilee in Lancaster.

And I did get up early. I was showered and ready half an hour before I had to get in the car. Then I read that Cathy couldn't make it. Then Jenna called and we waffled and waffled and finally the rain made us stay home. So I stitched some more on Spots II.

On Sunday, I switched over to the second HP sorting hat. Unfortunately, this one is on 28 count, and I don't think it's coming out as well. Sigh. I'm not undoing it now.

Thanks all for your comments and support on my "negative" critiques. With so many people laughing and giggling as they read this series of posts, I'm sure we've unleashed into the world way more positive than negative energy. I'm also glad to know there are designers out there willing to take heat, if it comes with a blog link. ;)

*Lilybet, Spots II, called for linen and NPS threads.


Caroline said...

Too bad you had to miss the after-party, I'm sure it would have been "off the hook".

Lee said...

I'm so jealous of your LNS Friday nights! They sound like they're a blast.

Donna said...

I'll have you know I'm routing for the Phillies, too. Seems my horse is out of this race.

Love the color on Spots II!

Catherine G. said...

You are too funny! I love your retelling of the stitching night. Please tell Dude thanks for keeping us informed with his colorful play by plays! Perhaps next time I'll earn a nickname as well.

I've already looked ahead to next months date -- so far it looks good -- no sports or scouts scheduled for the boys!

Annemarie said...

It sounds like you had the perfect stitchy weekend. And you picked up Lilybet Spots again! I love that sampler.

doris said...

There was really a stitcher who makes her x's in any direction at all? The thought of it is kind of making me have a nervous twitch. My left brain can't stand it.

Since your Phils were ungracious enough to end the Rockies' season (sniff), I have no team in the playoffs (sob). So I'll be rooting for the Phillies to beat the crap out of the Yanks. If the Angels can't take care of them first, that is.

Kristen said...

That blue you're using is gorgeous!

I'm not much of a baseball fan, but I hope the Phillies destroy the Yankees! As a resident of New England, I'm required to state that. ;)

Siobhan said...

Your WIP looks great!

The TSS stitch night sounds like so much fun. I hope they are doing them next time I'm home; I'd love to go, even if it's just to meet Crazy Ass Stitcher.

We had to subscribe to the ESPN channel on Sky just to be able to watch the Phillies do their thing.

Alice said...

I love the colour on your New Year Start.

Monsoon said...

I am a bit upset that you allowed RAIN to keep you from going to an INDOOR Stitching festival opportunity. You should of gone for those of us who live to far away to visit an actual LNS and see actual stitched projects more frequently than once or twice a year. (I'll get over it though)

Jenna said...

Yeah, I know I was a total dud last Saturday. I got up early, too, and was intent on going, but T wasn't so jazzed about the whole thing, so when I found out the each of us was only going for the sake of the other and I wasn't planning on visiting the market anyway, it just seemed silly. There's always next year! I hear it's already scheduled, but that could also be a wild rumor; I'll have to visit the group to be sure.

Anyway, please, please, pretty please remind me a week before the next stitching night so I can actually make it to one of them. :)

Susan said...

So, Anna, if you can make it down to Chadds Ford in the dark and in the rain, you can make it to Hockessin on Saturday morning for the Delaware Valley Historical Sampler Guild (2nd Saturday of the month, 10-12, Cokesbury Village). How many times do I have to invite you already??