Friday, October 02, 2009

Cleaning Out the In Box

I've had starred messages from Google Alerts in my inbox for months and months. Some of them even passed their sell-by date. Without further ado, some interesting news stories from the interwebs.

Channel Your "Inner Nana"
See what I mean? There are tons of these stories presenting it each time as if it were new. Still, who does needlework on the toilet? That may be the next poll.

Old Lady Crafts Meet Manga
The good news is that we are one of the liveliest online communities. She's trying to dismantle the stereotypes with her book, but does the article help or hurt that initiative?

Our Craft is Moldy
It seems anyone can write about things they know next-to-nothing about. Again, the main assumption is that cross-stitch is best for aphorisms—we just need to enhippen (modernize) the sayings. Of course, aphorisms are better than country countriness. (I think we’ve got the old lady count up by three so far.)

Is this the opposite of who we are?
Or the only opposite? Or only the obvious opposite?

Embroidery for Geeks.
Define geeky? At least there is no mention of old ladies.

Personally, I love how cross-stitch "really ties the room together."

Old Lady Count: 12


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

This is offensive on so many levels that this old lady started swearing.

mainely stitching said...

These people've been paid to write? I need to get off my *ss and crank up my freelance writing - if these idiots are getting paid, there's obviously a serious lack out there.

riona said...

The words that come to mind upon reading these articles range from bizarre to arrogant to self-involved ... but then I suppose self-styled artists [or, excuse me, crativists] have to be all of those things in order to survive.

I did think the etch-a-sketch piece was sweetly nostalgic [now I am being arrogant and condescending].

Anonymous said...

I think it's odd that the 'trend-setting' craftstitchers claim *regular* cross stitch to be about fuzzy little bunnies... I don't think I've ever stitched a fuzzy little bunny LOL

Cathy said...

Apparently, in the words of Thoroughly Modern Millie, I'm "old and gray at 29." I really don't think that in order for cross stitch to be current it has to be about sex or swear words. Judgmental weirdos.

vee said...

Interesting read. I personally embrace my "inner nana". My grandmother taught me how to sew and I am the only one out of the 8 grandchildren who can sew and embroider. I have my Gramma's hands and it is a gift that I treasure and embrace.

doris said...

I'm always amazed and surprised when I read articles you've found.

There's no chance in hell that I'll be stitching a Coen brothers-inspired piece any time soon, but whatever blows their skirts up, I suppose. Choosing a DMC color to depict blood, dried or fresh, has never occurred to me before now.

The knitted sculpture was truly impressive. That had to be an extremely time-consuming project. It reminds me of the characters in Sgt. Pepper.

I'm rather happy when I sit in my purple chair to enjoy my moldy, geeky, ancient craft! I hope all of those other people with fascinating imaginations are, too.