Friday, October 09, 2009

Another Way to Declutter

Hey, thanks all for the compliments on my wreath. As Doris pointed out the trick with these wreaths is to go big or go home. Actually, you can tell that's sort of a motto 'round these parts with the bold door color. People are often afraid of bold colors but they love them once someone else has done it. I know a secret about color can always change it. I grew up in a house of the changing door color. Our house was black ("charcoal grey" according to my mother) and the door was an ever-evolving rainbow: bright yellow, hot pink, periwinkle. Why not? Paint's cheap and a door is a small project. But I digress...Thanks for all your comments and suggestions for the Harry Potter presents; I'll let you know what we decide.

Did you know that A. C. Moore is encouraging crafters to drop off new or gently used craft supplies at their stores for donation to their local Boys & Girls Club. Gently used? Well, at any rate, here's a place for you to take the crap you're never going to use--and no one wants to buy off you--and give it a good home.

Here are some other links to people who would be interested in your gently used supplies:
  • Skye at Crafting a Green World created a list of where to donate fabric
  • Pine Ridge Reservation needs supplies for school children. They don't ask for cross-stitch supplies, but they do want things that I know you have
  • Art with a Heart will accept your supplies
  • If you're too far away from these places, check with your local schools, domestic violence shelters, retirement centers, day care centers, and, ahem, churches. Think globally, act locally!
Still, if you're going to A.C. Moore'll save you the postage.


doris said...

Thanks for the list. There are still things here I couldn't even give away.

riona said...

Another place I like to donate is to women's prisons ... most accept craft supplies and hardcover and paperback books for their recreation halls and libraries.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the links. I'm cleaning out the garage - sort of - and have lots of unused stuff I can donate.


vee said...

Local schools are another great place to donate craft supplies.