Saturday, August 08, 2009

Christmas Stitchery

Last week, I listed my goals for this month.

  • finish Anna's stocking
  • finish Brett's stocking
  • finally sew AB stash and dash bags
  • stitch Hinzeit Sisters for sissy
  • make a dozen bookmarks for the dude (he can never find them, but he doesn't actually lose them) (various craft methods)
  • finish finish one project for me
So I promptly picked up this new project.

The Workbasket
Mermaids Singing
Fabric: Lime Light, Liberty Street (much more of an apple green)
called for WDW

And you'll notice that it's not on the list. It's on the overall list, so I'm not too worried about myself. Plus I'll have two seven hour drives ahead of me this month, I'm sure I'll get lots done.


riona said...

You do seem to have a thing about mermaids ... I have this piece in my stash and on my soon-to-stitch list ... have all the threads and am just waiting for a fabric to arrive from Silkweaver ... so I will watch your progress on it with great interest.

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

I am quite familiar with this method of stitching myself. Love the fabric for this new piece. Happy Stitching, CJ ;-)

Melissa said...

This looks like a very summer-y stitch! I hope you have lots of fun stitching during the long drives this month.

Glenna said...

I'm not sure I know what the projec looks like, so I'm looking it up. But I love the fabric color and the color of flosses against it.

Anonymous said...

It's so, so hard not to start new projects even though you already have stacks to finish.

Is this mermaid for your mom?


Carolyn NC said...

The way I see it - as long as you're stitching, who cares which it is???
Love that fabric!

Cole said...

Great fabric, I cannot wait to see the finish!

Deb said...

Ah, I recognize your method of stitching too. I seem to follow it regularly. I love that fabric too. The piece is going to look great!

Michelle said...

I love this piece, and that fabric is gorgeous! I really need to stitch this one too. It should definitely be a relatively quick stitch for you!

doris said...

Starting something new is so much fun. Like Glenna, I'll have to look this one up.

Aussie Stitcher said...

Had to have a chuckle at you posting your goals and then a new start. I love a new start.