Thursday, July 09, 2009


I should have done this on July 2, the halfway mark. Oh well. Aren't I always a week late? My pledges for 2009 are italicized below, assessment follows.

  1. Make sure that I am always happy stitching on a project. This means that if deadlines are stressing me out, I will change the goal. No more panicking. Not bad. I only had one post about how my mother wasn't getting the gift I had planned for her, and it was written by someone who wasn't panicking despite the great unstitchening. Nice!

  2. Finish-finish more projects for myself. Last year I did 13, including ones I sent for framing and things I finished for gifts. This year, less framing, more alternative finishing. I'm going to shoot for 12 pieces from the finishing pile finished by myself for myself. I think that's specific enough! Started off really well, but I have lost steam on this. I think this has fallen by the wayside as my ability to schedule myself completely unravels...still, I've finished 7 which is on track for 12 this year. I've also framed three others. I impress myself.

  3. Mermaid SAL with Michelle. This is for my mom's 65th birthday, and if she's lucky it will be done in April. If it's not, it'll be a helluva Christmas gift. Michelle! What are we doing here? I haven't touched the mermaid since March. Also, I am thinking birthday 2010.

  4. Flea Market Souvenir SAL with Linda and Rosa. (Someday I am going to Iceland. Really.) Woohoo! I finished stitching the Flea Market Souvenir last week.

  5. Put at least one Saturday a month into the French marquoir. So very sad. I haven't done this even once. And we're getting into Christmas present season...

  6. Make a dent in the WIP pile. (I know I say this every year.) I finished Anna's Bird. I finished Monthly Mania November; that leaves three more months. I worked on the Layman mermaid and Tree of Life Window. Anna's Stocking, Brett's Stocking, and Miribilia Christmas fairy are on the list for this month. Not bad.

  7. Make tiny little changes to make myself healthier. I changed over to whole wheat English muffins (without high fructose corn syrup); I'm drinking 8 glasses of water a day; and I'm taking the meds. I started off the year pretty well, exercising half an hour every day. Then I fell off that wagon. Now that Stella is here, I walk between 80 and 120 minutes every day. And we walk. Stella doesn't believe in doing her business on the walk. (It's fine; we have a mutually agreeable solution, but I talk enough here about my own poop, you don't need to know the dog's business too. Though her "go" command is "get busy," which my sister thinks is a riot, but that's how she came to us.)

  8. Find a new job. Working on it. But it's like pushing a rock up a hill, one that slowly rolls back to crush my spirit.


LadyDoc said...

WOW- that's quite a successful list!

The job situation is discouraging for everyone right now, I think. You have too much education, talent and experience to find something easy to fall into- but something good will come along.

In the meantime, revel in your successes!

“Ah, but a man's reach should exceed his grasp, or what's a heaven for?”

Anonymous said...

You are very funny today! Thanks, I think I'll go home now.


Carolyn NC said...

I love your post. I can also identify with the job situation; I don't seem to be fitting anywhere! Right now, it's working out, because my mom needs me a little more than normal, so we'll just see. Good luck!

mainely stitching said...

I'd say you're doing great! And don't let that job-rock crush your spirit!

Deb said...

I think that you're doing great - even small dents in each one of them is an accomplishment - probably far more than most of us get done. And jobs are so hard to find right now - I know how it is - here in Michigan it's really tough going - don't let it crush you! I've been exploring my options for the job scene - kids going into to college, don't ya know - it's tough. But things will work out when you least expect it!

Caroline said...

Working on your list sounds like a job in itself! I like #7 the best - taking care of ourselves should be a top priority.

doris said...

Hey, I'm impressed with your goals alone. The fact that you keep them in mind and accomplish so many things is truly amazing.

As far as the job search goes, looking for a job is always crushing, even when the economy is good. My mom would tell you that the right job will come along when it's time. She's usually right.

Miriam said...

You always have a large and intimidating list of things you are trying to do.

You can have my job. It does a fair job as a spirit crusher too, though. You know how development is. Fun times, fun times.

Michelle said...

Do we need to pull the mermaids back out soon? I'd love to get mine done as well. Then someone should give me a present. hahaha