Monday, June 01, 2009

June Goals

My experiment as a one-at-a-time stitcher went swimmingly until I finished Anna's Bird. Then, after starting with gusto on Tree of Life Window, I sort of petered out. I haven't stitched in a while. And so, Doris, we learn the truth. I am too stubborn to do what you all tell me! Still, I did make some headway on a project which had been languishing for years.

This month, I'm reverting:
  1. Anniversary present for the dude
  2. Complete Flea Market Souvenir
  3. Finish-finish one project from the to-be-finished pile
  4. Make an anniversary giveaway
  5. Use up the red paper scraps


Caroline said...

I'm exactly the same - I'll get really involved in a project, decide I should finish it and then immediately start looking around for my next "fix"

Kathryn said...

Which is why I like my Yearly Goals. I really don't know what I might be working on month to month. But if I have no goals at all, then I KNOW I will start Teresa Wentzler's Celestial Dragon. I had no interest in dragons (especially cutesy ones), but now that we are moving to Dragon Glen Drive, I guess I should have one or two around the house. And that TW is Huge Ass Project. I'd probably start it, then give up. So better to keep to the goals (which do give me a choice of a dozen projects). I should finish several of them by the end of July.

Carolyn NC said...

Long time ago I stitched one at a time (was there any other way then?) Got stuck on BAP that I learned to hate. Couldn't start another as I "had" to finish that one first. Did very little stitching for 10-15 years as a result (just a few gifts, etc.). Never again - too much out there and life's too short. Stitch what you want is my motto! :)

karenv said...

I'm just the same - as soon as I start planning my stitching, I want to stitch on something else. Tree of Life is looking good though and at least you'll have less to do next time you pick it up.

C in DC said...

You need to focus on the positive! You finished Anna's Bird and you made significant progress on TOLW. Both are wonderful.

staci said...

Very pretty progress. I have never, ever been able to be a "one project at a time" stitcher!!!

doris said...

Welcome to my stubborn club. I've needed company for so long, and thank goodness it's you!