Monday, June 22, 2009

Clean Attic and Resulting Giveaway

The great attic clear out is complete! Everything is out of the full walk-up attic (it was huge, people). Now all the good stuff is sitting in my living room. Or in the living rooms of the many people who came by for the giant giveaway (not open to the public). The stuff that didn't make it into the giant skip should be making its way to the Salvation Army soon. Look for it in a thrift store near you.

There were a few items my mother didn't want to part with. She didn't want to bring them to Florida either. You may remember that my mother was a quilt shop owner in the mid80s and taught classes as well. We found quilts she started but didn't finish. (She has arthritis now, and no longer quilts.) Some, pieces cut out but patterns lost, ended up in the junk pile. But we chose a few to give away to you. Please only take them if you will finish them and use them; it would be a shame for them to end up in the attic somewhere else. (Also, let this be a lesson to you--don't put your UFOs in the attic. Out of sight, out of mind!) If there is a great deal of interest, I will resort to the random number generator so please list the items you would like in some kind of order. Many thanks!

This is partially handquilted and possibly hand-pieced.
It is 24" x 41".
The colors are roughly equivalent to DMC 676, 930, and 224 (the lighter pink in the border).

Crazy Quilted Rocking Horse
Jute mane and tale
26" at widest point
Various shades of brown
I think this just needs to be sewn up--the backing is (American) muslin.
Possibly you would use it as an applique?

Lone Star quilt top
41" x 41"
Machine pieced
The colors correspond roughly to DMC 926, 676, 321. The ring that looks black is actually a dark green that reads bluish; I couldn't find an appropriate DMC match.

Sewing Room Still Life
Appliqued, sandwiched and basted, but not quilted
roughly 18" x 25"
Main background colors DMC 355 (rust) and 500 dark green (possibly closer to 501)

Sea Life squares
Polished cotton (that shiny stuff)
Main colors are 838 and 3046 (gold border). There is also a bluish hue to some of the shells (upper left and upper right particularly)
She must have had something special planned for this.

Lest you think I'm a horrible daughter for not keeping these, I have two quilts she made, one for me and one for my grandmother. I also rescued two quilted pillow tops that I will sew into one pillow for the dining room. Or maybe make a wall hanging from. It's my sister whose the rotten daughter. ;)

I will draw these on June 29th. Let your quilting buddies know!


Lisa said...

These are beautiful and I would love to enter into the give-away and finish one of these (my favorite is the first one and the sewing room still life). I don't think that you are a "bad" daughter for not keeping them for you are just giving them a new home - a chance to "live" - versus throwing them away! :) And I would be honored to have a beginning of a quilt to finish. So, please enter my name in the give away!

lisa in ca

CarolG said...

I like the first one and I love the lone star; please enter me in your drawing for those. Thanks for the chance to win one of these!

Kathryn said...

I know just what I would do with the Sea Life squares. Quilt them for my mother-in-law who has a house full of shells. I hope all these pieces find a good home.

quietgirl255 said...

I would be interested in the sea life squares. My Mom is actually the quilter(but doesn't read blogs). I am in FL and she is in NC so these shells would fit in at either of our places. I figure I will learn to quilt when she is gone as I will inherit all her stash.

Don't feel bad about sending these on their way. At least you know they will go to people who will use them and make them into something special. I know I feel better about getting rid of things when I think of it this way.

As to moving to Florida....well I don't have an attic...or a you really do have to pare things down. (I really miss the basement!)

Anonymous said...

I would love to be entered into the giveaway as well - I especially love the Lone Star (reminds me of one my great-grandmother did) and also the seashell one.

Thank you!

dollfinii @

C in DC said...

I would be interested in
1) the rocking horse
2) the sewing room.


LadyDoc said...

I think it is wonderful that you are giving these away rather than tossing them, so they will get another generation of love somewhere.

Diana said...

It is so nice of you to offer these pieces. They are all very lovely. I would like to be included in a drawing for the 1st one.


Patti said...

Thay are really gorgeous - such a shame your mom can't quilt anymore. I hope somebody finishes them. Lots of Love Patti xxx

Beth said...

Wow! Your mom is a talented lady, too! I see it's been passed down. Please enter me in the drawing! I love the rocking horse and the sewing room still life. They're all gorgeous, though!

Crossed Purposes

Chars said...

They are all incredible - your mum was an amazingly talented lady.

I would love to be included in the drawing for the shells.

Hugs Chars

Anonymous said...

I love when you browse blogs and come across such a lovely one as yours.
What a nice thing you are doing.
I love the horse and the sewing room still life.
I'd love to be considered for those as I'm brand new to quilting and this would be fun.
I don't have many family momentos as my dear mom passed when I was only 12 so the gift would be treasured for sure!
God bless,

Anne S said...

I would love to go into the draw for the sea shell squares if that's OK - I'm turning my lounge into a sea/beach theme, and these would be a wonderful addition for cushions or a throw :D It's wonderful that you're offering these beautiful pieces to the blogging community where you know they'll be treasured :D

mainely stitching said...

I think it's great to share them out with people who'll enjoy them! :D Speaking of which, we'd really enjoy that sweet rocking horse - I'm sure I'm to the challenge of stuffing and sewing!

Coral said...

The Lone Star is 'Fantastic'!!

I hope that I get it!!

I must send you my swirly gig - it looks pretty good, even if I do say so myself!

Redwitch said...

Oh wow, I can't believe my luck I'm still in time to enter :) I'd love to be added into the draw for any of them! You're right my sampler is similar to some of your mother's quilts, I like that :)

BTW I've started a swirlygig too, (makes mental note to get back to that soon.)

Melissa said...

The Lonestar Quilt top is beautiful! How can you part with it? I think it would love living in Florida.

Lucky you to have a mom that owned a quilt shop. My mom doesn't sew, doesn't have any creative outlet that I know of other than General Hospital. I still can't figure out what she does with all the hours in the day.

The Sewing Still Life is sweet. Why am I always attracted to things with scissors on them?