Saturday, February 28, 2009

This Isn't Going So Well

Many thanks for the kind comments on the Flea Market Sampler. And for sending me the links to the craptastic crafts. I'm glad those crafty tree huggers are going to save pantyhose from the dump. Someone's got to.

I'm going to have to get the Irish Potato recipe from Cathy because I would like to believe that she and LadyDoc are right about the local delicacy. We'll have to see what Ange thinks. ;)

This is what I set out to do this month. This very short month where I spent much time cleaning the house and uh, applying for jobs, that's right. That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
  1. Flea Market Souvenir SAL--finished section two
  2. work on mermaid SAL over each weekend--see below
  3. one Saturday, work on French marquoir--didn't do it
  4. SBBC gift...ooooh could the lucky birthday girl (or boy) be you?--worked on it, and I have plenty of time
  5. 10 hours on something from the WIP--yes, I worked on my Monthly Manias
  6. Finish-finish one project from the to-be-finished pile--I am (still) finishing a few gifts I owe
  7. Make Sissy's messenger bag--done!
  8. Finish DD's RR and send to bestpal--not a stitch
  9. Make an anniversary giveaway--yes, and it was won by Ange
So, yeah the mermaid. The situation is worse than originally diagnosed:

You'll notice that we've lost some body:

I'm going to make her a focus project for March. My mother better love this thing more than she loves me.


doris said...

So sorry about your unstitching. I think it still counts as something done on your list ... it just didn't turn out as planned. Story of my life.

CindyMae said...

The mermaid is going to be fantastic and I am sure that you mom will love it, but I doubt more than you! (at least I hope not! LOL)

Anonymous said...

Well, I am not sure she could possibly love it more than you, but I am sure she will adore it ;)

vee said...

I love the colours of the mermaid so far! She will be lovely. When I stitch, I just can not jump from section to section like you have in this project. My stitching style is to start somewhere in the middle of the pattern and radiate out to the edges, one direction at a time to avoid hoping that it will all meet up in the end. I hate ripping stitches out so I can so feel your pain on this on!