Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catching Up

Today we are taking the niece to the cat show. This was her Christmas present. She wanted to go to a Cat Museum, and while I could have taken her to Malaysia, Moscow, Lithuania, or Amsterdam...Oh wait, I couldn't take her to any of those places, she doesn't eat anything. Well, it does seem excessive to spend that kind of money on one of the kids and send a chess set to another. Anyway, the cat show seemed a lot easier and closer. So no stitching to report.

Last Saturday, however, Valentines day, the dude took me to the stitching shop and bought me Smoke Flower and a few skeins of floss. Isn't he the sweetest?


doris said...

Thanks loads for the tips on cat museums. Who knew? And the dude is absolutely the sweetest.

mainely stitching said...

Cat museums?

I see that great minds think alike, or something along those lines, as my blog post is also called 'catching up'.;)

Real Live Woman said...

I love "Smoke Flower." It's on my wish list.