Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Five Year Four Month Anniversary Winner is

I forgot to take a screen shot, so you're just going to have to take my word for it. Pam, send me your snail mail address; my e-mail is in my profile.

Fifty entries! Wow. So now I know, you'd rather have stuff I buy than stuff I make. Hey, I can do that. Much easier.

Today was a mad day of cleaning--the place was a sty--and cookie baking, which the dude acknowledged was hard work. We made Clementine's oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, molasses cookies, and peanut butter blossoms.

My sister and cousin came for dinner--homemade lasagna--so they could see the backsplash. Fabulous! Thanks for the complements on that. At least none of you said what my sister said, "Now you need white cabinets." (I had just said I need new cabinets, but that's because I hate the insides. I'm fine with the outsides.)

We had cookies for dessert. Between the ones that got eaten and the ones set aside for presents, I think we're going to have to make more. I volunteered to bring them in for our Christmas potluck on Tuesday. More molasses cookies, I think.

My two flatfolds are drying, so photos tomorrow.

Thanks for all the well wishes on my 64-month anniversary. And for the compliments on my kitchen. Thanks for stopping by. I know you have a lot of blogs to choose from when you waste time on the internet so thanks for reading and commenting on mine. Buh-bye.


Sarah said...

I attempted to make cookies today. But in typical "what, plan?" fashion, I realized I only had enough brown sugar for one kind. The kind I chose, well, I didn't have enough quick oats for them. I made the other and a pan of brownies, which used up the last of my vanilla extract. And I need more flour, too. Yeah, foresight is not my strength.

LadyDoc said...

Baked mini-loaves of Amish Friendship Bread here today to take to school tomorrow.

Reading here is never a "waste of time"- I enjoy it!

mainely stitching said...

Congratulations to the happy winner! :D

I need to get baking, too. But with all these sick kids underfoot, I'm not holding out much hope of getting more than one or two kinds done. :0

Donna said...

I hate the insides of my kitchen cabinets, too! These 70s era shelves are fixed and I can't put things in them that I want to. I could paint the outsides, but I know we want to replace them. Unfortunately due to current housing market we've lost all equity in the place and have no remodeling monies.