Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Counter Intuitive

First, the dude thanks you all for your kind words regarding his big brain. He's a little worried that it's going to give him a big head. But I'm here to keep him grounded. (Also, his head is freakishly large all on its own.)

No stitching. I have been expending my energy cleaning the craft room and the master in preparation for the installation of the quarter round (toe-molding, shoe molding) tomorrow. (That craft room was a disgrace!)

But here's what did happen today. They installed new countertops. Quartz composite, never needs resealing. It's called Galaxy Black in the Zodiaq line. And now you really notice how hideous the backsplash is. Really, see the tacky transfers on the tiles? Totally old lady. Also I love how the baking cupboard is open in this picture, because we haven't adequately shoved the sugar in there. Sigh. Work remains...always.


JenFW said...

If it makes you feel any better, I still don't have a kitchen counter or sink or...well...a real kitchen.

I do, however, have a 6 Random Things challenge for you if you choose to accept it. Details on my blah-blah-blog.


mainely stitching said...

You've been CLEANING?! Oh, Anna, you've really let the home team down! Now how will I pass off my own horribly untidy kitchen? Puzzles and masking tape BELONG on kitchen counters. Really, they do.

Megan said...

Nice counters! We have hideous counters in our kitchen, but they are only a few years old so they'll be staying for a while.

Jacque said...

It's official...I have countertop envy. Mine are slate and I'd much rather have granite. Somehow since we only built eight years ago, I don't think I could talk Marc into a redo!

Have a great Thanksgiving!!

Donna said...

Vera nice!

Meari said...

Counter looks good, and the tiles aren't *that* bad. It could be worse, lol... mine are goldenrod yellow. Now THAT screams "old lady"!