Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Sidewalk Chalk and Other Rarely Indulged Crafts

Good news! When I asked the dude on Monday night where the ornament issue could be he asked, "Did you check the recycling?" That man is a frickin' genius. It had been out with the paper all night. Poor thing; I let it sleep in the bedroom.

I was so het up to give you the ornament issue review on Monday that I didn't tell you about the chaotic weekend. My nieces came over with their father and his sister to watch the football. I made dinner this week since my cousin was in Maine.

We had stir fries from Woman's Day. This past issue had a mix and match: choose 1lb of protein, 4 cups of mixed veg, add a sauce (Thai, soy, sweet and sour or peanut), and a topping, and, voila, dinner in no time! This has been great since I never know what vegetables we'll have on hand with the farm shipments. Sunday I made soy chicken with loads of sesame seeds and onions and broccoli and served it to the girls as "sesame chicken" (neither Lala nor my sister ate the broccoli); pork and peanut sauce with onions, carrots, and delicata squash; and sweet and sour shrimp with loads of peppers and onions. Our farm grows edamame too and I almost always forget it, but it's Yayo's favorite. She could eat her weight in edamame. So we had that too. After we had had two kinds of chips and dip (one from my sister and one from Lala's real aunt).

It was way too much food, but I'm pretty clever because I haven't cooked since Sunday. I love those recipes. And I would be remiss not to mention the dude's peach ice cream. Fabulous!

Lala was bored with the football so I set her up on the dining room table with a few halloween stamps, all my orange papers, some markers, and decorative scissors. After she made a dozen or so cards, she went to work with the chalk. I don't know if you can tell from the photo above, but she thought it was a good idea to color the stairs. I have a black and white tile kitchen floor which is a huge pita to keep clean. And even moreso when everyone is tracking in chalk. But, she was busy for quite some time.

I haven't forgotten about the anniversary giveaway. If I haven't finished the thing by tomorrow, I'll just open up the drawing, and you'll have to enter sight unseen.

Close up; Lala's sidewalk chalk


Coral said...

Oh, the art is pretty, but it will be pretty awful to clean up too. Oh, dear!

Donna said...

Fabulous. Sidewalk chalk was one of my DD's favorite activities. Makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

I think the close up of Lala's work shows that she has quite successfully depicted the daffodils and tulips in your front garden spring landscape. (You do have tulips, don't you? I know there are daffodils).


quietgirl255 said...

I too have the black and white floor going in my kitchen.....yeah never again. So cool to look at, but with 3 cats and a will never be clean. I swear the dirt is naturally attracted to the white squares. But I guess chalk is naturally attracted to black squares!

Barbara said...

Your recipe sounds great. No cooking for days sounds like heaven on earth. I mistyped that first as 'hearth'. OMG I'm so funny even when I don't meant to be!

I love the closeup of the sidewalk chalk drawing. Talent!!