Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Doll day #3: Ginny 152, Africa from the Far Away Lands series. I've been looking all over the web for her and I can't find a thing about her.

She's made in Malden, MA, like two of my cousins, so I figure she was a gift that is not a souvenir. I think she may have been a birthday gift for my first birthday from one of my aunts. (There's a list in my baby book. My memory isn't that good.)


Lelia said...

She is lovely. I recently went to a doll & bear show. One vendor had tons of Ginny dolls & all the accessories. Your doll looks great!

Coral said...

Do you mean your memory is not that good, because you remember reading about it? Or your memory is not that good, because you do not recall the occasion???


Kristen said...

Don't really have anything to add re: the doll, but wanted to comment because I was born in Malden, MA.

I've been reading your blog for several weeks now, and I enjoy it a lot. :)