Thursday, August 07, 2008

Please, Grandma, No!

From the celebrity faces in cross-stitch file, country style!

A fan of country music in general, Connie Adkins, of Croton, spent two weeks working on a detailed cross-stitched portrait of Lawrence, which she brought with her to the concert. An acquaintance who had a meet-and-greet ticket took Adkins' handiwork to Lawrence to sign.

Adkins was thrilled. She said she plans to do a series of cross-stitch portraits of "old timers of the Grand Ole Opry" to have autographed and give to her three granddaughters.

I don't know what makes me cringe the most. {Insert smart ass remark here.}


Real Live Woman said...

I only wish there was a picture of it!

Jenna said...


Coral said...

.....that she only spent two weeks on it, or that she intends giving these to her grandchildren.

You find the funniest stuff to report to us - and yes, where is the photo, that would just cap it for me!