Saturday, July 05, 2008


This is a very popular part of the festival we attend each 4th of July--sadly, this is our first time through the quilt exhibit. We're usually at the fair with my nieces, and by the time we hit the area the quilts are in, it's getting to be time to go... Anyway, this year they're in Maine, and we got to see quilts.

A quilting bee. I overheard a guy being outraged on behalf of these women because the lighting was so poor. "They're going to ruin their eyes!"

Attendees were invited to quilt a bit and sign their work. I wanted to but I could tell the dude wasn't that interested. Plus when we walked by after buying our quilt the frame was full of (amateur?) quilters--including two guys. (The woman in the middle said she was making her quilting debut when I took her photo.)

There were a lot of quilts--over 2500--all for sale or up for auction.

Here are some of my favorite award winners:

"Storm at Sea." Something interesting happens when you photograph this quilt. It looks like there's a heart in the middle. You don't see that in person. Optical illusion?

This one is called "Something Old, Something New." It's a bunch of very traditional patterns put together in a very nontraditional way.

"Courthouse Gardens." These are being auctioned today. Most of the starting bids are $1000. You can see more of the award winners here.

Ours! This 22"x22" log cabin wall hanging was labeled "No Sunday Sales" which means it was made by an Amish woman who can't allow her work to be sold on the Sabbath. This is the cheapest hand quilted Amish quilt I've ever seen. Now to find just the right spot for it.


monique said...

Wow. I"ve never been to a quilting event like that and can't imagine being surrounded by so many beautiful quilts! I love the "something old.." quilt :)

Glenna said...

Just the right spot: MY house! Love it--I've got so many spots that would be just right for it! I love the unexpected optical things that go on with good quilts (such as the heart you don't see in person).

I notice you don't have food photos tonight--and I don't have heartburn.

Nic said...

It sounds like a fun place to visit. Your little quilt looks great too!

Jacque said...

WOW! Your quilt is beautiful!

xsquared said...

Oh they are all gorgeous! Love the quilt you bought.

Michelle said...

Gorgeous quilts, especially the one you bought. I love log cabin quilts.

Lee said...

That Something Old Something New quilt is wonderful. And log cabin quilts are among my favorites. Simple, clean, with great uses of color! I have one covering my coffee table.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your purchase! It's beautiful.

Is the Courthouse Garden pattern a sort of variation of a Log Cabin quilt? I've seen Log Cabin squares set in a pattern called Courthouse Steps.


Miriam said...

Beautiful quilt! I also liked the "Something Old, Something New" quilt idea.

Quilt fairs are the best. I try to go to the International Quilt Festival each year. I could spend months there.

Lelia said...

thx for sharing! What awesome quilts : )

Jenna said...

Gorgeous quilts! I really like the one that you and the Dude bought for yourselves.