Sunday, July 13, 2008


Tonight I was mercilessly mocked for blogging. My cousin asked me if I had seen this comic strip. Of course because I am doing nablopomo this month the dude had to tell them how I was all het up to get on the computer last night. If you have a thin skin in my family, you will be eaten. It's kill or be killed.

Today I continued the domestic drudgery by weeding the garden. Here's the result. It's a good thing the results are so noticeable, or you'd never do it. (I love how I swept the walk before I took the photo.)
Our butterfly bush has finally reached the size promised on the container marker. It is taller than the dude. He's 6'.
I also went off to my alumnae knitting group today. I worked on Edgar's RR. There were 5 knitters. There was too much talk about children and grandchildren for my taste, but one of the newer alumnae ('08) was knitting a yeast molecule. From a pattern she was making up in her head.


C in DC said...

I've heard of folks knitting mathematical constructs, like Mobius bands, but yeast molecules? I'm intrigued. Can you encourage her to post a picture when she's finished?

Barbara said...

She's knitting a yeast molecule. Uh huh. Thank the gods for creative outlets! ;)

Our butterfly bush is stubbornly remaining about knee high. And my knees are not very high. I think I accidentally bought a midget version.

The only way our walk gets swept is when the kids drive me totally insane and I make up chores for Max to do (for pocket money). LOL.

Megan said...

I just learned to knit, but I think I'm going to stick to scarves before I attempt molecules ;)

Cathy said...

I will pay you good money to come weed my half-assed garden any day of the week!

Jenna said...

A yeast molecule? I love it. :) Our butterfly bushes are somewhat tall, but don't seem to be able to handle their own weight, especially in the winter.

Donna said...

Your family sound like our family. The thin skinned need not apply. So far all of us who have married into this have adjusted successfully and can dish it out as well as take it. If we stopped doing this, I'd wonder what happened to the love.

Be careful with the butterfly bush. Depending on which type you have, it can be considered an invasive species. Your's looks like the Chinese variety, not Chilean. It can seed in a tremendous number of babies and take over from native plants. I found this out after I had planted one. At which point, I was more diligent about deadheading the thing.

Michelle said...

The plants at my house barely get watered. For sure there is no weeding (or sweeping) going on. Although we have a crepe myrtle that leaves pink blossoms all over the front walk. Laziness ensues.