Thursday, July 03, 2008

...And Drink?

Yesterday, Jo asked if drink was included in the "food" theme. I don't know. Most bloggers who are doing nablopomo seem to be talking about food, or food for thought, and no drinks. My list from yesterday included hot chocolate, but gave short shrift to some of the drinkier stitching patterns. Even though I included many LHN food patterns, I ignored her coffee menu, Angel Stitchin's coffee series, Waxing Moon's coffee philosophy, and Lynne Nicoletti's coffee stitch. There are all kinds of tea samplers, tea samplers, and that doesn't include all the tea paraphernalia. (So I shan't.)

But it's not all tee-totaling. Several designers feature beer designs: Amy Bruecken, Sue Hillis, and Hinzeit (scroll down, they're in alpha). Not to be outdone there are some oenological patterns: here, here, and here. You knew they couldn't resist the pun. We have the dry turkey (I guess that is tee-total) from Raise the Roof, Glory Bee's Another Martini and Margarita, and Ole from Sister's and Best Friends. Sunflower Seed tells you how to handle life's lemons. The sisters and Sue Hillis have the right idea with their drinking philosophy.

Definitely fewer forays into drink. My guess is that booze's association with vice--and cross-stitching's association with virtue--account for the lack of boozy stitching patterns. Because those definitely don't mix.


Jenna said...

I actually have that Wine a Bit kit. LOL.

xsquared said...

I think drink is included. I'm including it, for sure.

Donna said...

Let's see. I've stitched Wine a Bit, and the Tequila pattern. I've the Hinzeits - beer and wine. I've got a Little House coffee pattern nearly finished and another to go.

And I've been gathering ideas to design my own whiskey pattern to pay homage to my DH's love of single malts.

Hmm. Can you tell we've got a bar in this house?

Barbara said...

Friends don't let friends drink and stitch. ;)