Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Wonderful Weekend...Crap Tuesday

I could spend all day telling you what a wonderful, relaxing weekend I had but my boss--the good one--told us she is leaving. She'll be here until mid-June then I get to deal with the wicked grandboss directly and on my own. Things may really deteriorate here, people. I will have a finish to show tonight so you can look forward to more than me bellyaching. Courage!


Redwitch said...

Sad about the good boss leaving :(

Happy about the stitching :)

PS many new Wee Hieland Coos for the dude at my dude's flickr page:

Apparently there is whole Wee Hieland Coo Flickr group - who knew?

Sharon said...

Why do the good one's always leave? Sorry to hear that-but looking forward to seeing your stitching.

Jenna said...

Yikes! Bummer about the better boss leaving. Is this a sign that you really need to get out?

Anonymous said...

Maybe she will recruit you to go with her?


Coral said...

When I started with one company the one guy was horrific to work with. I sat him down and told him his behaviour was unacceptable (yes, this was before that silly nanny show on TV), anyway he improved immensely after that conversation! Maybe you could try it on the grand boss?

Barbara said...

Aren't wicked grandbosses just a huge PITA?