Monday, May 12, 2008

Needle and Floss

It occured to me that I hadn't shown the progress I was able to make on Needle & Floss before the accident. I did pick it up for a minute on Saturday, and now her shirt is done. It took me forever and my hand started cramping. So on Sunday, we went to the library to get some books so I will have something to do in the evenings.

Yesterday, we hosted brunch for my aunt, grandmother, and cousin. Sissy brought bagels and the dude whipped up a beautiful chicken salad and a quiche. It was a fun day, and it all broke up around 2:30 so that Lala could get to her soccer game. Around 4:00 I started getting a headache; it was excruciating. I threw up a couple of times and ended up asleep in bed by 6:30. I slept almost straight through to 6:45 this morning.

I woke up when the dude came to bed. He had to tell me about his idea for his 40th birthday trip to Thailand. It involved backpacks and overnighting on a train, which doesn't sound nearly as exciting to me as it might have 20 years ago. (And it sounded even less exciting as I lay in bed with my bandaged finger raised, having just had a sick headache.) We're having trouble planning this trip. It's kind of like our honeymoon to Alaska. I wanted comfort and luxury, preferably with a guide of some sort (to avoid an Into the Wild scenario), and he wanted to do it on our own with a little more adventure. For the Alaska trip, the compromise was that we hired a guide and had big adventures. Anyway, if you have experience traveling to Thailand in your 40s, I'd love to hear about it. We're thinking about doing a tour because it's just so foreign, but we don't want to be on a seniors' tour with a bunch of old farts; otoh, we don't want to be the old farts on the 20-something tour of Thailand. He's also beginning to consider Eastern Europe (non-Euro countries) and central America, which is a long way from Thailand.


Barbara said...

Niek has friends who did Thailand up BIG when they were in their 30's. Would that count? They roughed it, but also hit the cultural highlights, as I understood.

I love rough traveling - but only if I can do it w/o kids. ;)

Glenna said...

Can you do this? Travel to Thailand, stay in a nice resort where you can relax in luxury while your husband--or both of you--go on a tour, whether on foot or by boat. There are some well-known adventure travel companies also such as KEAdventure and Geoex that offer guided expeditions where you will have a "controlled" adventure--someone else manages the itinerary and logistics, but you still have to be physically fit and active, so even though there may be some older folks along, they will be adventurous too. Personally, my idea of adventure on a vacation is deciding between the lemon crepe and the flan for dessert.

Hope you're feeling better--what a bummer not to be able to stitch!

Jenna said...

I'm glad that you were able to squeeze a few stitches in. Sorry they made your hand cramp, though. That sick headache sounds awful. I hope that it is well and truly gone now. Thailand sounds so exotic to me. I'm not a roughing-it kind of gal, personally. I like cushy hotels and controlled experiences, I guess. How boring of me!

Sharon said...

Your needle and floss looks great-loving the colors you have chosen. A little progress is better than no progress!

Michelle said...

Your stitching looks beautiful - I hope you can get in some more on it in little bits of time. Thailand sounds amazing - I would love to go. But then, I'd also love to go to Alaska. I'm with Jenna though, I'm not a roughing it sort of girl (and any travel for me is an adventure!)