Thursday, March 06, 2008

List #6: 1992

Tonight I went to a bar with a few coworkers and 50 other people to watch my former grandboss on Jeopardy. AND SHE WON! Woohoo! Go, Jake! People watching local Philadelphia news may see the party we had for her. I don't think you'll see me.

Back in 1992, I was in my second and third semesters of graduate school. I experienced my first earthquake--a tiny three pointer. I was in--IN--my first riot. And before I went back to NH for the summer, a bigger quake. Yes, 1992 was quite a year. I didn't finish that many stitching projects. Go figure.
  • Quilt Sampler—made for my mother because she had a quilt shop called "Sister's Choice." The block featured in the sampler.

  • Wedding Sampler —stitched for my college roommate who really helped my transition to SoCal. I wish I could find this pattern. I lost it after I finished and I’d like to do it again! This was my first time using beads in a project.
  • Santa Claus University sweatshirt, a Leisure Arts Christmas book. Stitched for my mom who loves Christmas. If I were cleverer, I would have made it the University of Santa Claus and it would have been USC. That's my mom with a candy Christmas tree she made. She's quite crafty!

  • Our Beginning, Imaginating--stitched for a cousin. Her taste was all froufrou and blech. I hated every stitch! But that's okay, I hate her too.

You can see that during graduate school, stitching kind of took a back seat. Fortunately, I qualified in 1995. Things will pick up.

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Anonymous said...

Are you sure that is your mom? She's BLONDE!