Wednesday, March 05, 2008

List #5: 1991

After I kvetched about the computer issues, I sat holding the a/c cord into the computer, adjusting it every five seconds to keep it mostly plugged in. First, I retrieved the tax documents that were on the old computer so I can run Turbo Tax 2007. {Priorities are straight!} Then I started scanning pictures. Things were going so swimmingly, I went to get myself a glass of water. {So cocky!} And the computer was done. So I left it overnight, and it seemed to juice back up. You can see that I have managed to get some photos up. The lengths I go to for you people! My big plan is to bring in the old computer on Sunday. Or to convince my husband to get the new printer-scanner-copier-fax that is compatible with the new brain. I'd put my money on no printing-scanning-copying-faxing until the old computer comes back from the doctor.

  • A Wedding Sampler Carolina Cross Stitch, for my cousin. The first one to get married in the family.
  • Christmas Angels Laurie Craven—either in the America's Best Cross Stitch or Better Homes and Garden's Seasons in Cross stitch; they're packed up in the basement. My mom keeps this up year round. Can you see that big stripe of 504 that got stitched in the hill that called for 503? That's when I learned the value of good lighting! But I left it in because only god is perfect. Or something.

  • April: Peony baskets, Quilts in a Day or Two. Stitched for my mother's birthday when I was poor and living in NYC.
  • April: Double Wedding Ring, Quilts in a Day or Two, Canterbury Designs. Stitched for my parents’ 25th anniversary party. A horrible boyfriend drove me up to NH for their party. I kept putting off writing my toast and at the last minute I stood up and said, "To a couple who has been together through fat and thin," a reference to the fluctuating weight of both parents. Everyone laughed so I was off the hook.
  • Christmas 1991: Irish Chain Quilt, Quilts in a Day or Two. A gift for my paternal grandmother.
  • Christmas 1991: Grandmother’s Fan, Quilts in a Day or Two. A gift for my grandmother you all know and adore. She was going to throw it away when she moved from her trailer to an apartment, so my aunt rescued it.

  • Christmas 1991: Bear Sweater, Leisure Arts Book One—my first waste canvas project. I used 14 ct instead of 8ct—the design was small and stiff, but it went through the washer okay!

I loved that book Quilts in a Day or Two. I wonder what happened to it...that may have been sent on my first disastrous round robin. Take a lesson, people.


Nancy said...

I like your "catching up" work here... Guess it shows me I should keep a stitching journal after all! ;o)
Back in 2005, you posted the beginnings of a Mary Garry freebie you were stitching. Did you ever complete it? I'd love to see it! Do you know if the chart is still available anywhere? I am a huge fan of MG!
Good luck with your computer issues. Sounds like you're having way too much fun (not!).

XmaryX said...

Turbo tax- my favorite! This year's version allows you to save the return as a PDF so you don't have to print out a gazillion useless pages "for your records". And since my stinky printer doesn't like that I changed its cord from serial to USB (to conform to my new computer), it just randomly stops printing and I have to re-boot, and see what comes out. AH- but PDF's- they're a good thing! I emailed the PDF & printed at work!
I like your old stuff- I wish I had a camera back in the day- so many things I stitched to give away.