Tuesday, March 25, 2008

List #25: 2003

Work sucks. Today in a meeting about the only aspect of my job that I enjoy, the grandboss suggested we get freelancers to do it instead of me. Remember when I had that meeting with the grandboss around Christmas? I told her it was the only thing I enjoyed doing. Fuck her. I've got better things to do. I have an application winging its way to a little college nearby, and I'm hoping they want me to edit their communications. Please. Plus my arm is killing me. I had a procedure yesterday, and the parts that were supposed to bruise haven't, but my arm really hurts. I'm very cranky and I can't wait to go home.

I know I started this blog in 2003, but not until August. I stitched a few pieces before then. Unfortunately, no photos. What can I say, I suck.
  • Wreath Wedding Marilynn and Jackie's Collectibles. For my cousin's wedding. She is likely the last cousin whose wedding I will stitch for*. I wish I had a photo of this one. I wish Marilynn and Jackie had a website. The background is pink stripes and the center has a grapevine wreath with the couples stats in it. Pink and brown before pink and brown were Pink.And.Brown.
  • A Free Heart Kandace Thomas. You knew you were going to see this one again! For the dude's friend's second marriage. Oh, I almost forgot the piece I redesigned for his first marriage and then gave to my mother instead**. That must have been...late 90s? So much for all the admiration I earned two weeks ago for the deliciously detailed records I kept about my stitching!
  • Cabbage Hare, Ewe & Eye & Friends stitched for my "Sweet Baby's" brother. I wanted the two pieces to have the same feel, so I went with another animal from E&E&F and used the same alphabet for the stats.

*I only have two unmarried cousins--one is a "troubled young woman" who is unlikely to find a suitable mate and the other is rumored to be gay. Plus my father fired both him and his mother from the family business so I'm unlikely to be invited to whatever kind of ceremony he may have in the future. Don't you love families?

**They were divorced before I finished it. Or maybe I knew to drag my feet?


Redwitch said...

Sorry to hear about your crappy boss, work does indeed suck. Big time.

Good luck with the new job application, fingers x'd for ya!

Sure you didn't hurt your arm by sticking one on your boss? Go on you can tell us, it wasn't treatment at all was it? ;)

XmaryX said...

Anna- your boss sounds like the bitch from hell-sorry she's making your work day intolerable. I'll also keep my fingers crossed for the new job.
Your arm: ice packs, heating pad, painkillers or alcohol. One of those options should do the trick.
Jeesh! You sure did a lot of wedding samplers- your family must be HUGE!
Keep your chin up!

Casa Pearl said...

Good luck with your application - sounds like it's more than time for a change. hope your arm gets better quickly.

Coral said...

**They were divorced before I finished it. Or maybe I knew to drag my feet?

Ha ha ha ha - you are so funny!!

Sorry abotu work, I have made the same decision here - my time here is up!!

Ruth said...

Why does work have to suck? Possibly your office and mine are related currently. Sigh. Here's to better days for both of us. Fingers crossed for your application!

jo said...

Total sympathy about the arm thing.

I keep having one good day followed by one bad day. Meanwhile ibuprofen is disappearing from my house at an alarming rate.

Michelle said...

Good luck with the job application - I'm hoping for you! Then you can put all your efforts into finding me a job to support my stitching/quilting/beading habit.

Barbara said...

I hope your application turns up a great new job for you.

Jenna said...

I know how heartbreaking it is to stitch a wedding sampler for a friend whose marriage doesn't last. I did a beautiful piece that included a lot of silk ribbon embroidery and a perfect framing job, then they split up a while later. I'm tempted to ask for it back so I can rip the names and date out and do something different, but I doubt that it survived the break-up.

Sorry to hear that your boss is being a pain. I hope that your job hunt yields something better.