Monday, March 24, 2008

List #24: Photos from My Cousin's House

Yesterday, the failed Catholics, an athiest, some pagans, and a former Quaker got together and celebrated Easter. I know some people think its crazy that people who don't believe in God celebrate Christmas, but even I agree that the unbelievers celebrating Easter is nuts. Sissy almost got into the spirit. She called my cousin to find out when the church in near her was holding masses, and my cousin called around to find the answer for her. She got back to Sissy who responded, "Jesus... I was hoping for something a little later." So you can see this religion thing is really working out for her. Anyway, we managed to hide the 54 eggs for the kids only once. (I'm pretty sure two years ago we hid them one trillion times.) And only uncle dude had to go looking for them after Yay-o had hidden them. At least he was indoors. I froze my butt off "hiding" the eggs.

So, I kept my promise of bringing the camera with me, though a few things went unrecorded.

The wedding sampler (discussed here) that led to the blog name. I tried to get a close up of all those color changes, but failed. Some days I swore that each square was a different color. Of course all those HAED stitchers will think I'm just a pussy.

The finishing on the pillow for my niece. My cousin ended up cutting off the trim because someone was pulling at it and little bits of fluff were ending up everywhere. My cousin is a neat freak. It's probably for the best because it wasn't sewn on evenly.

The dragonfly tin topper. Discussed here. Very sparkly in real life.

The birth sampler that I designed to fit into the bear frame. You can see the bee table in the background--there are matching chairs and bureau too. It was quite a cute room.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for taking the time to post the photos. I enjoyed them.


Carla said...

Beautiful finishes!!!! Love the striped fabric you used for the pillow!

Barbara said...

Your first sentence sounds like the beginning of a joke that I'd really like to hear the rest of. LOL!

Michelle said...

Oh look, things you actually finished! LOL! I would have become a bitch too if I'd had to stitch all those trees. I love the birth sampler - so cute.

Jenna said...

ROFL at your description of Easter. It's funny how nearly everyone seems to celebrate Easter, just like we all celebrate Christmas. That wedding sampler is gorgeous! I can see all of the color changes from your photo, though, and can understand how that would make you cranky. Well done on all of those projects.