Saturday, March 22, 2008

List #22: Worked on this Week

They promised us snow today, but instead my crocuses opened. (You'll note the lack of snow in this photo.) This was my first foray into gardening with bulbs. People in my neighborhood have lots of trouble with the squirrels and other wee beasts stealing them. Crocuses are apparently a favorite of our wildlife, but I bathed the bulbs in cayenne and sprinkled it liberally in the holes and successfully repelled all comers.

Turning to stitching, things have really devolved, people. I've cast the rotation aside entirely and taken up stitching for other people! What has the world come to?
  • Mother's Day Roundabout by Heart in Hand Needlework. Started it on Saturday night while we were babysitting the kids and finished it on Monday (no sewing class this week, spring break). I've already sent it off for finishing.
  • Why Men Fish by Sue Hillis Designs. My mother's birthday is in two weeks. I know she wants this for her mermaid bathroom, so it needs to be framed with glass. Why did I wait so long to start?
  • Even though we didn't have sewing class, I figured I could manage to put together a few strips of fabric on my own. I also quilted it. Don't look too closely, it took me a while to get the hang of the wavy lines; I stitched those with rayon thread so they'd stand out a bit more. I didn't put the wavy lines on the aqua strips because I like the geometric pattern too much to mess with it.


Ruth said...

You know, I'd really like to figure out why we *all* wait til it's almost too late to start a time limit project! Why oh why do we do this to ourselves????? lol

All your pieces are great! And so are your non-snowed-on crocuses :) Congrats.

Barbara said...

Our last dog used to eat our tulip bulbs. I never thought of cayenne - will have to store that away in the mental vault for future use. ;)

Your mom's mermaid is coming along beautifully - I've seen this design before and it cracks me up. ;)

Adrienne said...

I am jealous of the crocuses. We don't even have the beginnings of them. Feh. March.

The bag looks great. I love those fabrics together.

Adrienne said...

Oh - and when you say you're sending it out to be finished, where are you sending it?

Anonymous said...

Ahhh, don't you love spring - and all flowers that come from bulbs?

Although, in my case, yard work doesn't leave much time for stitching.


Jenna said...

How are you having your piece finished? I can relate to starting things too late. Lately, I've taken to starting things after the important date; gives me more time to work on it. ;)