Saturday, March 15, 2008

List #15 Worked on this Week

I didn't stitch much this week. But I did work on a few things
  • quilted messenger bag: These are my fabrics. The bubbly fabric on the bottom is the main fabric. The six others, sewn together, will be the striped, quilted flap.

  • fringe bracelet: all together I made four passes over the length of this bracelet. I used two types of seed beads, small pink hearts, and a bunch of glass-by-the ounce (flowers and daggers in aqua, green, light purple, and clear).

  • royal chain necklace: I nearly finished the chain necklace from the disastrous class last week. I need more chain and then to put on the clasp. But you can see what is happening here. The main pieces are chalcedony, and there are a couple of twisty periwinkle beads that you might recognize from this project.They also appeared in the donut necklace I made for my mother. I love these beads. I really like the color periwinkle.

  • Rose Bunnie, we're getting close now--so I'll hold off until the project is complete.


Jenna said...

Nice projects, all of them. I particularly like the fringed bracelet. Well done!

Aussie Stitcher said...

Your fringed bracelet looks wonderful.

xsquared said...

Oooo, I love the fabrics for the bag.

Michelle said...

I love how all the colors in this post go together! Your fringe bracelet is gorgeous - the problem I had with mine was being able to get back through my beads the number of times I wanted to - I think using thinner wire would help maybe. I need to redo mine because the instructor told me to make mine shorter, and now it doesn't fit. Sigh. I love chalcedony too. I'm so inspired to go sign up for some beading classes now - if only I had a job!